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I recently came across an ad for an app that — I kid you not — read: “Disappear for 1 Month (And Come Back Fully Rebranded).” I took a screenshot of it to prove to myself that it was a) not just a late-night doom-scrolling hallucination and b) something that I could later reference as written by ChatGPT demons. Nevertheless, the concept of disappearing for one month and coming back fully rebranded can, I believe, be applied to August in New York — otherwise known as It’s Just Us and the Spotted Lanternflies Now. No one is here!! That trendy restaurant actually has walk-in spots!!! Sometimes you get your own private ride on the bus!!! Why not treat this last blast of summer as a weekend to relax, rejuvenate, and anonymously rebrand yourself as someone who fears not the coming of Omg I Can’t Believe The End of the Year is Almost Upon Us? No lines, no problem.

See you in September!!!

…when you can only think as far ahead as Monday!

🎧 i am titanium
One thing I’ve learned over the past several years is that I can only concentrate while listening to house music. Hear me out — nothing cures writer’s block like an unrelenting 10-minute song where the only lyrics are “keep moving”. Anyway!! Maybe I’ll bring my laptop to the Electric Zoo EDM Festival September 1-3, where you can enjoy three days of music from artists whose names I don’t necessarily recognize but have absolutely gotten me over the line on a 2,000 word draft. 

🐭 mau5 in the hau5
And if you’re interested in going to Electric Zoo but want to keep things local, DeadMau5 is playing an overnight set at Club MUSICA in Hell’s Kitchen September 2 as part of his Day of the Deadmau5 tour!

🎞️ that’s how you know
Hot take: the best Disney movie is the one that makes fun of itself. Talking chipmunks? Susan Sarandon chewing the scenery? Adele Dazeem? Go directly to Green Room 42’s screening of Enchanted September 3 to experience both classic Disney melodies and an appropriately New York scene where James Marsden tries to fight an MTA bus. 

🖼️ arthouse crowd
Take in a full lineup of visual art exhibitions, immersive performance art, workshops, panel discussions and more at the three-day House Fest at Governors Island, all held in historic row homes where there may or may not be ghosts (I’ve been!! I’m just saying!!) September 1-3

🎶 save the last dance for me
Enjoy classic hits from The Four Tops, The Temptations, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, Al Green and more at Blue Note’s A Decade of Soul with Special Guest Prentiss McNeil of The Drifters September 2! 



Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors is a high-octane, low-down, hilarious reimagining of the gothic classic. With fangs of fury and abs of steel, the stakes are high for Count D as he flees lady vampire hunter Jean Van Helsing and her motley entourage. If you’re a sucker for a bash brimming with bits, bites and bats, you can B Positive that this 90-minute, gender-bending, quick-change Stoker-joker is just your type. This Dracula has got the chops to make it on stage and leave audiences dying for more. He may not be the next Phantom, but he’s in the same vein. You can Count on it. draculacomedy.com

🥙 the real epcot
Head to the Lower East Side for a walk-through of some of the world’s best cuisine at the Immigrant New York food tour September 2. In addition to highlighting history and fare from small, independent businesses in the area, the tour partners with local community organizations to support the neighborhood. Take that, Blank Street!!!

🛞 one wheel wonders
Having once accidentally entered a mountain bike race, I know better than to pick up an extreme sport. Nothing but respect to those coordinated enough to ride and celebrate NYC Unicycle Fest, now through September 3 — and for those of us who face enough of a challenge on two wheels, why not cheer on a giant group of unicyclers rolling through town?!

🎶 hitting the high note
Hot tip — Phil stopped by the Met Opera Summer HD Festival now through September 4 and noted that it was unusually easy to claim a spot (see above, August in NY, etc). Bring a chair and take in La Bohème

🥁 steel drum songs
Take in the finale of the West Indian American Carnival Week festivities and see the incredible floats at the annual parade down Eastern Parkway September 4!

👊 new york is a union town, bbs
Did you know that Labor Day weekend exists, in part, thanks to the tireless advocacy of worker’s rights activists right here in New York City? Stop by the Midtown NYC Labor Day Parade September 4 to keep the tradition going!

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…what’s happening before and just after I hit your inbox next!

🍅 meat-free festival
If your plant-based friends are tired of navigating street fair kebabs, take them to the Vegan Night Market at Wollman Rink September 5, where you can try veg-forward fare from local vendors! 

🎭 light the lights
Save the date for this year’s free Curtain Up Broadway festival September 8-10 in Times Square, where you can enjoy everything from a Broadway singalong to a celebration of Main Stem legend Chita Rivera in a showcase that will leave you as enthusiastic about musicals as these New York Jets players

🛍️ sidewalk party
Who needs a suburban garage sale when you have the Manhattan Plaza Block Party September 9, where you can shop bargains from local vendors and your neighbors alike while jamming to live music and entering raffles to win even more HK goodies.

📚 take a look/ it’s in a book
Bring your favorite bookworm to Uptown Kid Lit September 10 in Inwood Park, for a full day of workshops, signings, panels and free activities celebrating children’s literature!! 

…for when you need to secure those hot tickets before they sell out!!!

🎭 logline appreciation alert
MCC has really been kicking ass lately, and their latest collaboration with The Playwrights Realm — Mary Gets Hers starting September 11 appears to be no exception. Just look at this summary!! “It’s the 10th century! A plague rages on in Germany! Everyone is turning into foam! When two overzealous hermits find an abandoned orphan named Mary, they scheme a saintly rescue mission to protect her purity at any and all costs. Mary, however, has other plans for herself, in this new play inspired by Hrosvitha of Gandersheim’s closet drama-comedy Abraham, or the Rise and Repentance of Mary.” I’m there!!!

🇮🇹 save me some capicola
If you, like me, complete a yearly rewatch of The Sopranos, then you’ll want to make a pilgrimage to Feast of San Gennaro September 14-24, where this year’s grand marshall is none other than Kathrine Narducci AKA Charmaine Bucco!! 

🔥 Hot tip 
If you can’t make it to the Open but want to watch some theatrical tennis, I would imagine anyone who signs up to play at the Rockefeller Center tennis courts through tomorrow feels confident to put on a show. Maybe you do?! Go forth, young McEnroes.

⚠️ Omg I forgot to tell you

Viral bakery L’Appartment 4F is selling vegan croissants at Public Records September 1

There’s an alt/indie dance party at Union Hall September 2

Shop the end-of-summer sales at the Grand Bazaar September 3

Brooklyn Museum is free September 2

Bruce Springstein is playing Metlife September 1 and 3

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