Happy Wednesday. We’re going to enjoy the sunshine today, but our weather friend Stacy Blundell at Currently in NYC shares: “Not so fun fact… We lose one minute of daylight on Wednesday and begin the slow trajectory towards a 4:28pm sunset in December.”

Thanks to days of research by our Lifestyle Editor Sarah Beling, you can check out over 40 venues around Hell’s Kitchen that are NOT Broadway, but offer great value inflation-busting entertainment on the West Side. Read more (and share widely — these places need our support)…

NOT Broadway Venues Hell's Kitchen


Artist, composer/playwright Marc McBarron Kessler was born in New Jersey but is “reborn daily in New York City”, where he creates postcards, zines and musical plays. He shares his West Side Story…

Marc McBarron Kessler

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Theater 555

It’s been a pleasure over the past few days to wander the neighborhood updating the photography of our local theaters and venues for Sarah’s list. W42ST will continue to be an advocate for local businesses — including the amazing creatives we have in our midst. Please support them too — who doesn’t love dinner and a show!?

Happy birthday to Ruth Walker, Jesse Kirshbaum and Larry Ledford.