Happy Tuesday. Our weather friends are predicting a cloudy day finishing off with rain. NY Metro Weather is calling it: “a very crappy midweek period” — and Stacy Blundell at Currently says: “You’re going to want to keep your umbrella with you all week, unfortunately.”

West Siders! Here’s your chance to influence public spending on a local level, with projects in the running for a share of a $1 million pot that range from tech upgrades for local schools and libraries, and the resurfacing of DeWitt Clinton Park dog run, to adding more trees to the neighborhood. Read more…

Don’t expect to know the wage of that job you are applying for any time soon. The new salary transparency law is stalling. Amendments would curb unintended consequences, business leaders claim. But advocates warn it would “gut” the law. Read more…

New York Wages Disclosure Law

What we’ve been reading

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Freeze Frame

Thanks to photographer Damon Webster who went out to shoot the Participatory Budget story for us yesterday. “Walking across the street, I met a woman named Linda who was planting Daffodils in public tree areas. Part of The Daffodil Project,  a 9/11 initiative where free bulbs are given to plant in public areas. She even said that I should check out another one on 47th. All volunteer,” he told us. You can also discover more on W50th Street and 11th Avenue that Catie Savage and her Litter Legion planted — and, as always, the original site for the project on the banks of DeWitt Clinton Park and the West Side Highway is blooming.

Happy birthday to Kathleen Treat and Janelle Maire.