Good morning and happy Wednesday. We’ve got a day of three acts ahead… First off, a continuation of gray clouds and rain this morning — which will be followed by bursts of sunshine this afternoon. The finale will depend on whether a curtain of clouds pulls back to unveil a super blue moon along with the rings of Saturn. Send pictures if you see the celestial show tonight…

New York City approves Sunset Pier 94 Studios, a $350m film and TV hub in Hell’s Kitchen, despite community board opposition. Read more…

Pier 94 TV Studio Plans.

Subway service has been restored and a lane of 7th Avenue has reopened in Times Square after yesterday’s water main break caused major disruptions and street closures. Check out the dramatic images from MTA photographer Marc A Hermann, which showed the operation to bring trains back. Read more…

Water Main Break

What we’ve been reading

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The stories of the migrants who camped outside the Roosevelt Hotel. (Gothamist)

New York has a new COVID variant — but it’s currently only been detected in wastewater. (NBC)

Council Member Erik Bottcher talks through the decision on MSG and Penn Station. (NY1)

Hell’s Kitchen chef Songchul Kim’s Kochi and Mari get a mention in this Korean fine dining list. (New York Times💰)

Don’t be surprised if your UBER ride is a yellow cab! (amNY)

Freeze Frame

Plant Me Paul view

Welcome back to @plantmepaul. He shared some tips to look after plants after his personal travels away from Hell’s Kitchen. “Coming home after a week’s long adventure, I’m always nervous to see the state of my plants. But as you can see most were fine, with some even pushing out new growth, while others gave me the occasional yellow leaf. And so this is a reminder to be sure to water your plants before you leave (or hire me as a plant sitter 🙃), and don’t fret too much when you come home and you see some yellow leaves. All part of the plant’s cycle of life,” he said on Instagram.

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