Mayor de Blasio called it “the biggest snowstorm we’ve had in almost five years” — but Winter Storm Gail seems to have left the city relatively unscathed.

Digging out a car on W44th Street this afternoon.

The storm put down over 6 inches of snow in New York City overnight from Wednesday into Thursday morning. After the snow, the focus during the day in Hell’s Kitchen seems to be taking pictures, shoveling snow, and heading to Central Park with a sled.

Outdoor dining structures appear to be largely unaffected by the wet, heavy snowfall — and the city announced outdoor dining in the roadways can resume again this evening from 6pm. In a walk along 9th and 10th Avenue this afternoon, the only damage spotted was to a tent at Inti and the structure at Añejo.

Storm damage to the roof at Añejo’s outside dining structure on 10th Avenue after Winter Storm Gail.

There was a push to clear the sidewalks from Department of Sanitation Commissioner Edward Grayson. “It’s about caring for one another. The sooner you get out there, the better. Dress warm and try to clear a path 4-feet wide,” Grayson said at the Mayor’s press briefing today. “There is supposedly a light at the end of the tunnel with things warming up into the weekend.”

Grayson warned Thursday evening diners to be ready for slushy conditions. “Tonight, for those who are enjoying outdoor dining. All I can say is this — it might not be a night to wear your good shoes,” he said.

Snow damaged to the outdoor dining structure at Inti on 10th Avenue.
Getting ready for dining at Route 66 on 9th Avenue.

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