W42ST Daily 6/16/2020

My sweet #WFH deal is coming to an end, and it feels like a kind of mourning. For two months, I’ve been using a friend’s apartment as an “office”, her dining table as my desk. It’s been a different place to go to every morning, and has without any shadow of a doubt prevented a murder on W47th St. Miraculously, my roommate and I still actually like each other.

But New York giveth, and she taketh away. My friend is returning to the city, and I need to vacate the space by the weekend. And as I considered my options last night on a walk around the neighborhood, New York gaveth again. On the sidewalk, glowing under a street light as if the city herself were saying: “OK, bitch, stop complaining, I’ve got you” – was a cute little shabby chic desk. My new desk. The perfect size.

I’ll steam it thoroughly, and it’ll be good to go. My first New York stoop find. A rite of passage.

Don’t tell my roommate though. He thinks it’s from Etsy. 

Talking of working from home – let’s face it, this is our new normal for at least the rest of the summer. And now that we’re all spending so much time staring at our walls, we’re seeing things in our homes that didn’t quite register when we just rushed out and rushed back in, exhausted from things like complaining about how crowded the subway platform is at Times Square and hugging people (remember that?). Some of what we’re seeing (yes, we’re judging your Zoom background) isn’t all that pretty. Patrick J Hamilton has some ideas for what to do when your apartment is having its own sweatpants moment. Find out here.

Seriously, it’s not that hard. None of us LIKES it. But none of us wants a return to lockdown either. None of us wants to see our local businesses close, our favorite bar to lose their license, or more people to die. So wear the mask and stop whining, OK?

A new study says that, if 80% of us wore masks, infections would plummet (read this article – it explains, compellingly, why).

The Onion, as it does so often, hit the nail on the head (with a photograph from 9th Avenue – we see you, Gossip).

If nothing else, do it for the fashion moment. Modern Vice, a rock n roll bookmaker in the Garment District, has done a cheeky wee pivot and is collaborating with Made in Midtown on a collection of fun, stylish face masks (this bold red lip gets my vote)

And your sidewalk drinking prayers have been answered, thanks to this “drinking face glove” – a collaboration between Maison 10 and Wing & Weft Gloves. Genius! It even comes with its own reusable steel straw. If any local bars want to personalize these babies for their own customers, hit me up and I’ll connect you.

This pandemic isn’t over, people. Don’t be selfish or stupid. “We’ve all taken high school biology class,” says Charlie Marshall of The Marshal restaurant, “so no one can claim ignorance on this.”

Women Who Whiskey takes us through a virtual tasting of Teeling Irish whiskey, with a cocktail demonstration and Q&A. It’s pay as you wish, with proceeds going to organizations supporting the NYC hospitality industry and Black Lives Matter. Drink up here.

By law, a balanced FY21 budget for the city must be finalized by June 30. Facing a $9 billion budget hole, proposed cuts would compromise public health programs, social services, and cultural programs, particularly impacting people of color. But they include only a .32% cut to the NYPD (DeBlasio has stated he intends to make cuts but hasn’t specified to what extent). Have your say by calling your council member and the Mayor’s office. This document contains a phone script and email template.

MCC’s Live Labs is back tomorrow, with a series of one-act play readings, beginning with Pues Nada by Aziza Barnes, a tale of two blk femmes who tend bar in East LA until the crack of dawn, unable to leave or sleep due to a plastered ex-employee who refuses to go home. The event will be followed by a talkback with the creative team. Register for free here.

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