Today’s W42ST Daily presented by TFC — 8/19/2020

When things get tough, it’s often your neighbors who come to the rescue; folks that you’ve only smiled at and said hello to once can deliver immense kindness.

If you look at the headlines this week, there is a battle for the future of New York. One day the newspapers say “New York City is dead forever” and the next “No one wins a bet against New York City.” It’s intellectual nonsense mixed with clickbait — not particularly helpful.

What does help is when neighbors make a small, generous effort to help others. This week, I saw that in Bryan Ware (from Fresh from Hell) promoting Tacuba. Bryan creates excellent food, but will take the time to shout out his “competitors” and neighbors.

Also seeing Jeremy from Veritas Studio Wines promoting the amazing food Abel creates at Ñaño Ecuadorian Kitchen on 10th Ave is heart warming.

We all have to be great neighbors to get through this. We’ve come this far, let’s keep going with generosity and kindness.

The Landmark cinema on W57th St closed for good yesterday. You can read our report here, but even more interesting was how much a luxury cinema had touched the lives of Hell’s Kitchen locals in less than three years.

DJ Libby said: “I saw a movie there March 16. It was like the last normal thing I was able to do in the city before the shutdown. They were literally waiting at the door to close when I left. I might have been the last person to see a movie in this theater.”

“My favorite memories are going to see the RBG documentary all by myself and crying next to strangers in the comfy seats of the theater about all she’s accomplished and how sweet her husband is to bring her lunch at work,” lamented Jenny Pierson.

Tim Swearingen told us: “My favorite memory is walking into the theater and finding only o e other person there and she was sitting in the seat I reserved. I was happy to sit elsewhere but mentioned it to her with a laugh and was berated for questioning her and told bluntly to find somewhere else to sit. When the movie started she gasped and ran out, because she was in the wrong theater.”

Movie magic, mixed with sadness.

In half a century, TF Cornerstone (TFC) has transformed the Long Island City waterfront, developed some of the first residential buildings in the Financial District & Hudson Yards, and revitalized the Meatpacking District. TFC continues to cultivate the surrounding community long after a project’s completion date. Learn more…

Revel has introduced a safety course and mandatory helmets for riders – but they won’t be reopening in NYC just yet. Safety first…

Let’s hear it for the Hell’s Kitchen Happiness Krewe! More music…

Bus fares return at the end of this month. Normal service…

Fireboat John J. Harvey’s 2020 took a turn for the worse when a leak was discovered. Now it’s all mended, but with no money coming in due to the pandemic, you can help to keep this historic vessel afloat financially. Holed out…

Rents fall as the number of vacant apartments rises. Numbers here…

More places are reopening every week. I’m pleased to report that neighborhood favorite El Centro will be in business again from today, 4pm-11pm Wednesday to Sunday. Good luck. It’s great to have another corner spot open on 9th Ave.

In other news, the Back Pocket Bar has taken over part of W49th St for an exclusive VIP champagne suite. There are red velvet ropes and a high back wicker “throne.”  You know you want it!

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