Police confirmed this evening that a 35-year-old man died after being found with a stab wound at Pier 84 in Hudson River Park at around 6am this morning — a murder investigation is ongoing.

Pier 84 stabbing
NYPD still had Pier 84 taped off late morning as they conducted their investigation. Photo: Catie Savage

Police attended the scene in Hell’s Kitchen and EMS transported the victim to a local hospital, where officials originally said he was in a stable condition — but this evening, it was confirmed medical staff had pronounced the man deceased.

NYPD said that they had responded to a 911 call at 5:50am this morning. They found the victim with a stab wound to the chest. Cops are waiting to notify the family before releasing the name of the victim.

The popular pier is at the end of W44th Street next to the West Side Highway, between tourist attractions The Circle Line and Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. NYPD still had the pier taped off late morning as they conducted their investigation.

Eyewitness News broke the story this morning just after 7am, showing live footage from their news helicopter from the scene. Multiple NYPD vehicles can be seen in the area. They reported that police are searching for a group of men who ran east from the area along W44th Street. The murder investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.

Pier 84 and the Manhattan Kayak Company will likely be closed for the remainder of the day as the investigation continues.

We will update this report as more information becomes available.

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  1. This is horrifying! The Pier is used as a Great Place to Relax and take in some Sun and Fun for all Ages! The Children love the Dancing Waters in the Fountain, The Dog Park etc etc . More Security is needed there too. It is so Sad that This Place is now Tainted by Crime that now engulfs the City! This has Got to Stop!!

    1. This is an awful story and I’m interested to hear more facts of the case. But overall, crime is declining in the city and NYC is much safer than many other cities. News coverage highlights violent stories, but statistics show that the city is becoming safer.

  2. I notice more sketchy people walking around. I always put my headphones on and pretend I am not listening. Please stay safe.

  3. I walk my dog here day and night. I saw the tiny police car parking in the SW corner of the park (along the end of the pier) and questioned them about their patrols. They insisted they are out there daily and often, but I challenged them. I spend several hours a day with my dog and this is the first time I’ve seen park police, let alone in a little car. I specifically mentioned how unsafe it becomes in the evening hours during the summers, when a lot of older teens and young adults have nothing better to do with their time because school is out. I resented the misrepresentation of their presence and wonder if these officers take home paychecks without doing their jobs. Who can I contact to complain about this in writing, so that it is documented?

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