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CBS reported on the struggles in Hell’s Kitchen and other communities coming to terms with a homeless community given shelter in local hotels.

Local community activist, Holly-Anne Devlin calls this “a fantastic initiative,” but she believes drug dealers have moved in to take advantage of the situation.

However, Holly reported progress with the NYPD in her Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Action Committee newsletter. She said: “A handful of known neighborhood criminals staying on/around the Port Authority, Manhattan Plaza and 42nd Street were arrested and removed by the NYPD this week. I personally witnessed multiple arrests and NYPD protocol was outstanding. They brought their vans, lights on, were calm, cool and collected but definitely made a showing of ‘crime is not allowed here’.”

Meanwhile, NYPD have still not replied to request to clarify how they are policing the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Interestingly it’s not just us. The CBS report above finishes with a “we reached out to the NYPD, but have not heard back.”