W42ST Daily 5/28/2020

Did that subject line whet your appetite this Thursday morning? It was originally used by our friends up the road at The Westside Rag last week.  A reader had discovered some old menus. I love their quirky stories.

But it got me thinking … Where did I put that menu from The Market Diner? Well, I found it. And I took it home for a quick photoshoot.

And because it’s throwback Thursday, and because I’m kind of nostalgic, I’ve got two delights for you.

1.  Get your copy of the Market Diner menu (with two bonus pages of their specials).
2.  Read all about the history of this iconic New York Diner (it’s #TBT at W42ST after all).

And if you don’t want your favorite Hell’s Kitchen places to be replaced by a Starbucks, use our Hell’s Kitchen is OPEN! list and keep supporting our local businesses. New additions today are ‘ritas, B-Side Pizza, and Totto Ramen. Go feed your face.

The Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance has relocated its wellness programming to Zoom. Classes are available on evenings Monday – Thursday, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and they’re FREE! Donations are being accepted, and distributed to several citywide causes. Learn more here.

Putting a stake in the ground here …

W42ST discovered Randy Rainbow – who used to work at Hooters in Hell’s Kitchen (honest!).

Then Randy Rainbow discovered a guy who he thinks can make us a vaccine.

So when this genius works out the vaccine, it’s all down to W42ST, right?

Hell’s Kitchen is one of nine NYC neighborhoods to get increased enforcement from the NYPD, ensuring restaurants and bars follow social distancing rules. Masks on…

Why Times Square billboards went dark last night. Lights out…

Thank you for your service – and for keeping #NewYorkStrong

Why taking a break from those screens is so important in lockdown. Look away…

Coming early June – Orchestra of St Luke’s first online festival, featuring over 30 video releases of orchestral, chamber, and solo performances, with interviews, articles, and more! #BachAtHome

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