Midtown pups just got 6 new, oversized best friends. Meet “Daphne” the vizsla, “Gomer” the bullmastiff, “Harriet” the English bulldog, “Maisy” the pug, “Spicy” the chihuahua, and “Stanley” the basset hound.

You can find them in the Garment District for the next couple of months on Broadway between W38th and W40th Streets.

The series of sculptures called “Doggy Bags” have been created by artist Will Kurtz with a steel structure overlaid with recycled plastic bags and duct tape. The materials reflect the need to recycle and the absurdity of waste.

The installation is part of the Art on the Plazas public art program run by the Garment District Alliance and will be open until November 20.

“We know these beautiful sculptures – made with all recycled materials – will bring positivity, comfort, and joy among visitors, and we encourage all to stop by and enjoy the exhibition this fall,” said Garment District president, Barbara Blair.

The city is getting crowded with large animals. Hudson Yards now has a 4.5-ton gorilla, King Nyani, and the 40-feet-long STAN, the T. Rex, is at Christie’s for the next month.