Mayor Bill de Blasio strode up Broadway with a purpose. His press conference for the opening of the new vaccination hub for theater, film and TV industry at the crossroads of the world had just finished. The Mayor was not throwing away his shot — or the chance of a free donut at Krispy Kreme.

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“The most important reason to get vaccinated is to protect yourself, your family and your city,” said de Blasio as he left the store. “Second most important reason to get vaccinated: Krispy Kreme for free.” Describing the donut as “heavenly,” he appealed to New Yorkers to “go get vaccinated — what are you waiting for?”

Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts to customers with the COVID vaccine through the end of 2021.

Lin-Manuel Miranda speaking at the event. Photo: Phil O’Brien.

Earlier the Mayor had joined Lin-Manuel Miranda and other Broadway stars and elected officials to celebrate the new hub with musical numbers On Broadway and New York, New York in Duffy Square.

Miranda said “so I’m emotional today,” after becoming tearful listening to the live music. He praised the new vaccination center and was keen to point out that it was in the hands of stage manager of Wicked, Susan Sampliner.

“It’s being run by Susan, who’s the company manager at Wicked. And if anyone knows how to make shit run on time, it’s Broadway stage managers,’’ Miranda joked.

YouTube video
Mayor de Blasio poses for a selfie at Krispy Kreme. Photo: Phil O’Brien.
Mayor on a Mission. De Blasio snags his free donut at Krispy Kreme. Photo: Phil O’Brien.

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