When you ask a local about the businesses they are sad to have lost in Hell’s Kitchen during the pandemic, Empire Coffee & Tea is usually high on the list.

Marco Anthony is ready to serve you coffee at Terra Market.

When the shop closed down last April, Marco Anthony struck a deal with the owners of Terra Market, a few blocks away down 9th Avenue (between W39/40th Street), to set up a small coffee counter within their store.

“It’s been rough. It’s been hard to get discovered, but over the last few weeks some local folks have found me again and started to spread the word.” Marco told us. “I was at Empire Coffee for three-and-a-half years, and before that I was along Ninth Avenue at Metro Pets. Many people recognize me.”

Familiar coffee bags at Marco’s Coffee in Terra Market.

Empire Coffee and Tea closed on April 24, 2020 after 112 years serving New York. They still have a location operating in Hoboken, NJ.

At Terra Market, Marco is serving coffee, along with selling and grinding the coffee beans that were available at Empire.

Empire Coffee & Tea was a popular Hell’s Kitchen store.

Sam Goldstein shared the news of finding Marco at work in Terra Market on Nextdoor. He added: “Anyone who hasn’t shopped at Terra Market before, it’s run by a husband and wife team named Marcos and Blanca who used to run the grilled chicken place for many years that was located where Turco is. The street level of Terra Market has all of their fresh produce, similar to Stiles Market. In the very back is their cold dairy section. And downstairs is their grocery store, similar to Big Apple Market. They’re basically a smaller version of Stiles and Big Apple combined. And, they have a great stock and very reasonable prices. Check them out, too.”

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  1. Go there every week and did not realise it was Marco. Bravo. I love Terra Market and Marcos and Blanca. They are incredibly wonderful. I use to go to their grilled chicken place for years. Go shop at Terra Market, it is wonderful!

  2. I’ve missed Empire Coffee over the past year and sorry I didn’t know of Marco’s venture sooner. Going every day now! Thanks for sharing this great news about another local business making it through a tough year.

  3. So glad you ran this piece on Terra. I go there all the time. They have nice vegetables and Marcos and Blanca are always very welcoming. A bonus is Marco’s coffee counter. I love to go there and have a “cortado” and buy his amazing Organic Mexican coffee. Go visit !!!

  4. Every morning!!! The best in that area + I pick up groceries too! Marco is a coffee magician! ☕🎩

  5. Marco is a hidden gem in Hell’s Kitchen. Great person and great coffee, It’s my goto coffee shop .

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