Hell’s Kitchen awoke this morning to another shooting, as NYPD reports that gun crime in Manhattan South is at its highest since 1997.

Shooting W47th Street
The scene of the shooting this morning at W47th Street and 10th Avenue. Photo: Jim Lahey

Multiple shots rang out at around 5am today at the corner of W47th Street and 10th Avenue, police reported. Officers from the Midtown North Precinct responded to the shooting after a 911 call. A 24-year old man was shot in the torso. The victim got himself to Mount Sinai West hospital where he was originally reported to be in a life-threatening, critical condition. NYPD now tell us that his condition is stable.

The suspect fled the scene, no arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.

Less than two weeks ago, two men were shot dead on W37th Street at a recording studio. Police are still searching for the suspects in that incident.

According to the NYPD’s CompStat reporting for this year up to May 8, shooting incidents in Manhattan South are now at their highest since 1997.

Leslie Woodruff Blaut, founder of Hell’s Kitchen Families, who lives on W47th Street, said: “My husband Dave heard 10 shots ring out — I stopped counting after five. I thought for sure it was something else — because WHY would there be gunshots at 5am? Far past the normal ‘trouble’ hours.”

She added: “As a parent, I have to stop and reconsider if living here is still the best decision. How do I keep my family safe? If only the terrifying e-bikes and scooters flying past us on the sidewalks were our biggest safety concern. To hear 10 gunshots fired on my block at 5am is literally and figuratively a WAKE UP CALL.”

Sullivan Street Bakery owner Jim Lahey said: “Instead of legislating over a woman’s right to govern her own body, our lawmakers and the Supreme Court should look at how protecting the 2nd Amendment is violating the people’s constitutional rights. Without stringent gun laws, the 2nd Amendment makes zero sense. Guns need regulation, not women’s lives.”

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  1. Is it a “gun problem”, or just a criminal problem?
    NYC had the lowest gun crime rate in it’s history, until lefty DeBlaz stopped letting the cops do their jobs and lock up the bad guys.

    1. Hmmm… letting the cops do their jobs. I agree that maybe jobs aren’t being done, but I don’t think it’s whatever mayor’s job to micro-manage the neighborhood. Too many times I’ve heard of shrugs from officers on quality of life issues. This is a serious problem. I think they need to live in the neighborhoods they serve.

  2. Hmmm no one care about what women do to their own body but someone has to protect the babies even if it is from killer “mothers” or should I say females. Anyone comfortable to kill a baby should not be call mother. Motherhood is a beautiful thing not anyone has the capacity to handle it

    1. Jeez thanks for the input, an incredibly articulate, well researched and nuanced understanding of private medical decisions.

    1. Haha… I’m sure that these shots were fired from a legally owned gun. Typically ignorant leftist.

      1. No one manufactures “illegally owned” weapons. All guns start out as perfectly legal, then they are purchased in states with lax laws that don’t stop straw purchases and transported to places like NYC to be sold on the black market. The gun makers get their money no matter who winds up using the gun or how they got it. Short version: better local/state/federal gun laws can reduce the rate of these kinds of violent crimes.

  3. I moved from 46th and 9th Ave last October. Everything is a trade off. Come to Fort Lee, it’s just barely on the other side! AND, I have an elevator and a view!

  4. After 23 years living in HK I moved out last year and don’t miss that neighborhood at all.

    1. Either you didn’t take advantage of what HK has to offer, or you just used it for another purpose and now moved on to your next temporary place from which to move on in a while at your whim. One would think that to admit to a ho hum life is something to not admit too.

  5. There are many more shootings and stabbings in this neighborhood than what makes the news and local papers. If they are caught they will be right back out in the neighborhood on parole awaiting that trial that wont come for months. I agree it’s really stressful lately trying to raise kids in this neighborhood that I spent half my life in.

  6. 100% agree with Karina . This is a “criminal” problem first and foremost . The same people pulling the trigger would simply use a knife (which they are also using) if they didn’t have a gun . Repeat violent criminals are walking our streets in droves due to ludicrous bail & crime laws + liberal do-nothing judges . The crooked politicians in Albany are also complicit .

  7. Good luck with getting Congress to regulate guns. When Mayor Bloomberg was in office he sued the state of Virginia for selling guns to New Yorkers and made NYC’s
    the strictest gun laws in the nation. Now we have the highest rate of gun deaths sine 1997!!! Of course we need local leadership.

  8. As bad as Deblasio was as a leader – crime went down consistently under his watch until COVID at which time we began seeing a nationwide crimewave.

  9. The former Mayor benefitted from the residual effect of pro active Policing from the prior Mayor. It has now come to roost resulting in the crime wave we’re now experiencing. Mayor Adams now has the challenge of turning it around. He has instituted pro active measures , but the effect won’t happen overnight.

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