From a Hell’s Kitchen home comes the irresistible allure (and baking aroma) of Candy Wife Confections, where Deyla Dadasheva “makes magic happen.” She launched the business earlier this year, selling all kinds of pastries ranging from cookies to cakes — and even her own cookbook. 

Candy Wife Deyla Dadasheva
Deyla Dadasheva started Candy Wife Confections from her Hell’s Kitchen home. Photo: Naty Caez

“I just think Candy Wife Confections represents all things sweet and great that a lovely girl can offer. I want to make people happy. I feel like the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach,” said Deyla.

She has been baking since she was four and learned the craft from her great-grandmother who also lived in Hell’s Kitchen. Deyla began to experiment with her baking once she moved to the neighborhood a couple of years ago and had her own kitchen. 

“I wanted to make everything, anything sweet from pastries to cookies and cakes — I wanted to do it all,” said Deyla. Her favorite creations are cookies and cupcakes — because they are “small so I can get really intricate with them.” 

Candy Wife Confections also does custom orders for events like parties and birthdays and Deyla frequently posts new ideas on her website. Her cookbook features recipes for cookies, cakes, pretzels, truffles and macarons.  “I love seeing the recreations of my recipes, and when people email or tag me on social media it really warms my heart,” she said.

Deyla graduated from Touro University with a degree in human services and has tried to combine the two passions to give back to the community. 

“I really want to help people who are struggling with food insecurity and low-income families,” she said. “I’m really aware of what happens to families who are struggling with money. Celebrations are a time of being happy and money being tight can really cut the joy out of all that. Everybody deserves something sweet.” 

Deyla has regularly donated some of her pastries to the Hell’s Kitchen Pantry since she moved into the neighborhood. She also regularly gives extra pastries she has to neighbors. “I believe that baking for the purpose of serving others is a great way to reinforce selflessness and being giving of our time and talents,” she said.

Deyla could be following in the footsteps of other Hell’s Kitchen bakers who started their businesses from home. Arnold Wilkerson used his home oven at Manhattan Plaza to start Little Pie Company — and Zachary Schmahl produced his first irresistible Schmackary’s cookies from his home in the neighborhood.

Recipes and orders for Candy Wife Confections can be made here.

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  1. Beautiful, glam and yummy! So like Deyla’s attitude toward hard times. True, everyone deserves cakes and cookies, maybe especially when we’re broke.

  2. Deyla is an absolute doll!

    I met Deyla back in 2022 when she worked at Oasis Bakery here in Hell’s Kitchen and till this day I have not met a single individual who’s energy matched hers. Such a warm, kind hearted young lady who can brighten up anyone’s day with her beautiful smile and jokes! Aside from being a delight all around she is the funniest person I have ever met! Her attitude and personality is incredibly charming! I am telling you she will make it big one day!


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