Restaurant Row has a brand-new addition — and S’Aimer is owned by a familiar face. It is the latest venture for Jasmine Gerald, who already owns Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine across the street.

Jasmine at S'Aimer on Restaurant Row
Jasmine Gerald has become a familiar face on Restaurant Row. Photo: Ariel Pacheco

S’Aimer combines an upscale lounge concept and cozy ambiance to create a unique dining experience, offering French cuisine with a Caribbean twist. “I want people to come in and just relax,” said Jasmine. “I wanted to give people a place where they can come in and just hang out with good music.” 

S’Aimer is French for “for the love of everyone” and encapsulates Jasmine’s mindset behind the restaurant’s opening. She describes her new eatery with words like “sexy,” “romantic,” and energetic.” 

The restaurant — which took over the space formerly occupied by Sangria 46 — offers a sharing menu, giving customers the opportunity to try as many different items as they want – including oxtails, curry chicken, beef tenderloins and lamb chops among others. There is also a great selection of cocktails, like the Creole Punch, Spicy Madame and My Cherie Amour. 

Cocktails at S'Aimer on Restaurant Row.
At S’Aimer, there’s a great selection of cocktails, like the Creole Punch, Spicy Madame and My Cherie Amour — here being prepared by bartender TK. Photo: Ariel Pacheco

Jasmine’s mom ran a French restaurant back in their home in the Virgin Islands and is a big part of Jasmine’s inspiration for S’Aimer.  “I was raised growing up in a restaurant and now I wanted something where it was from my mom’s heritage, but also infuse the Caribbean with it,” said Jasmine.

Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine opened in 2020, in the heart of the pandemic. A short time later they had to close for a month, before sticking to online deliveries for a period. Through that strong show of resilience, Jasmine was not only able to fulfill her goal of opening a restaurant but also to play a role in New York City’s resurgence. 

“I wanted to be a part of bringing New York City back,” said Jasmine. “I wanted people to have a good time, I wanted good food, and good vibes because everyone was so down at that moment.” 

S’Aimer is located at 338 W46th Street (between 8/9th Avenue). It is open Tuesday-Sunday from 5pm-12:30am and available on Mondays for private events. 

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