Global superstar and “Prince of Reggaeton” J Balvin was in the neighborhood to record his latest music video with a cast of Pokémon characters.

J Balvin heading north on 10th Avenue in the Ten Cuidado music video.

The video, released last night, shows Balvin on location around Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square. The single Ten Cuidado is featured on the newly-released Pokémon 25: The Album. Other artists contributing Pokémon-themed tracks include Katy Perry, Jax Jones, Louane, Cyn and Post Malone.

The Colombian singer and rapper starts off leaving a brownstone on W47th Street, then appears on W47th Street with Pikachu, takes a walk along 10th Avenue and mixes with friends outside Westfield Market Place. The video ends in Times Square as they confront Charizard Fire Dragon.

Pokémon dance party on the corner of 10th Avenue and W48th Street outside Westfield Market Place.

The video was directed by Colin Tilley from Boy In The Castle Productions. Tilley said on Instagram: “Directing all these Pokémon was a real hooride!” The video was released just 16 hours ago and has already had over 450,000 plays on YouTube and over 1.5 million views on Instagram. J Balvin has constantly topped the streaming charts around the world.

J Balvin heading out to Hell’s Kitchen from 455 W47th Street.
J Balvin on W47th Street
J Balvin on a brownstone steps on W47th Street
Pikachu on W48th Street
J Balvin walking along W48th Street
J Balvin with Pikachu on W4th Street
J Balvin walks past DEP Site on 10th Avenue
J Balvin crossing 10th Avenue at W48th Street
J Balvin in Times Square
J Balvin looks to the skies as Charizard Fire Dragon arrives
YouTube video

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