Facing up the death of makeup artist JP Ramirez has been a challenge for New York drag queen, Inita D, but a chance discovery has helped to make the loss a little more bearable. “After losing my roommate, I stumbled upon his face charts portfolio. Seeing his artistry on paper made me want to bring it to life to honor him,” said Inita.

JP’s work was transformed from “Paper to Flesh”. Photo: Ylva Erevall

But Inita wanted to “do it right”, she explained. “If you knew JP, it had to be done ‘correct’!”

She called other friends of JP and shared the face charts — and their response was enthusiastic. Ylva Erevall agreed to take the photographs and makeup artist Nick Lujan volunteered to recreate the face chart, with Inita as the model.

Inita D discovered JP’s face charts after his death.

Inita calls the project “Paper to Flesh”. “I carry JP’s essence and spirit with me everywhere I go! His artistry and light were one of a kind and I put that into my drag as a fellow artist. I hope to continue to make my mentor, my drag dad and most importantly my friend proud,” she said.

Photographer Erevall told us: “JP had an incredible way of bringing great people together, and I am very grateful to him for introducing us. Just like JP I think Inita’s an amazingly talented artist and I can’t wait to see her rise to the top of the stars, just like JP wanted!”

JP’s work was transformed from “Paper to Flesh”. Photo: Ylva Erevall

“Channeling JP’s energy and bringing his vision to life with his friends was a special moment. His impact on the world of makeup is very much felt through his friends and family. His art is his legacy. I’m so happy to be a small part in bringing his vision to life,” said Lujan.

Inita has just published the second in the “Paper to Flesh” series on her Instagram page. Follow for more at @inita_d

The second face chart in the series “Paper to Flesh”
JP’s work has been transformed from “Paper to Flesh” by makeup artist Nick Lujan. Photo: Ylva Erevall
More of JP’s face charts will be used to create the series. Photo: Ylva Erevall

In an interview with nyglamour.net, JP said that he “was blessed to assist François Nars and Lena Koro for NARS Cosmetics, doing shoots with Alexander McQueen muse Daphne Guinness, American actress Christina Ricci, and model-actress Isabella Rossellini.” When asked which was his favorite, he replied: “They are all my favorite. I spread love to everyone I have worked with evenly.”

JP was found dead in July following a search by friends after he went missing in Hell’s Kitchen.

Makeup artist JP Ramirez. Photo: Ylva Erevall

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