We thought the biggest visitor to New York this year was going to be 4.5-ton King Nyani, the Gillie & Marc gorilla sculpture in front of Hudson Yards.

But Christie’s has just come up with a dinosaur to up the ante. STAN the T. Rex (when he was alive) weighed in between seven and eight tons — that’s twice the size of an African elephant. He would have been 13 feet high, and almost 40 feet long from his head to the tip of his tail.

Back in the day, STAN could eat 500lbs of meat in one bite — a bite that had enough force to crush a car. The longest of his 58 teeth measures nearly 12 inches.

Walk along 49th Street to Christie’s and take a peek at him through the window. He’ll be there until October 21. This 67 million-year-old skeleton has been nicknamed STAN – after his discoverer Stan Sacrison. If you fancy him in your living room, you’ll need to bid around $6-8 million at Christie’s October 6 sale of 20th-century art. ‘T. rex is a brand name in a way that no other dinosaur is,’ says James Hyslop from Christies.‘It sits very naturally against a Picasso, a Jeff Koons or an Andy Warhol.’

Want an even closer look? Email TREX@christies.com to request an appointment.