W42ST Daily 8/16/2020

If I’m not feeling upbeat, I can snap myself out of it with a little nostalgia.

This morning, I’ve been listening to my favorite podcast (insert “radio show” for nostalgia factor) Desert Island Discs.  It’s a UK show that’s been churning out memories and music for over 75 years.Today I am listening to Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO. His musical choices are a little eclectic, but his memories are uplifting. He didn’t learn to read until he was 10 years old (but went on to become Norwegian Prime Minister) and having diplomat parents meant he didn’t think it was unusual as a kid if he came down in the morning to Nelson Mandela at the breakfast table!

Last week, Lee Romero found a notebook in his studio. It was full of  sketches from 18 years ago of regulars and visitors to Druids bar on 10th Avenue (now The Waylon). I got together with Lee this week to take a look, along with Michael Younge (who was the landlord at Druids — and now joint owner of the Landmark Tavern).  There were tales of Bruce Willis and George Wendt plus locals of many nicknames. It was a tonic to hear these guys reminisce. As Michael said: “The stories are everything.”  See the sketches and read their nostalgic stories here.  

The heart says we want more upbeat stories, our Google Analytics say people actually read news.  We continue to try and bring you, our engaged readers and members of the community, stories that avoid sensationalism and clickbait material.  We want to keep you connected, updated and upbeat. 

Keep sending us stories that you find that lift the soul and we will repost.  This one if from our friend, Rick: “Mr O’Brien, you asked for it so here is my good news story… of a supposedly selfish group of young people actually doing something for the betterment, and giving their time energy and designer goods…”  Read about these fundraising Sidewalk Sales.

Is it a bird? Is it a Blaine? Magician plans to soar over the Hudson. Up up up…

This year’s 9/11 Tribute in Light is going ahead after all. Shine on…

Could contactless cocktails be the drink of the future? Shake it…

Now’s your chance to help pick new artwork for the High Line. Art pick…

Thanks to those who have written to us with words of appreciation, bought us coffees (and cocktails…), and offered their services to support the work of W42ST. We see you and love you. Many have also contributed financially, helping to keep the neighborhood connected and updated at a time when we’ve lost all other revenue. Our gratitude is boundless. If you can help, any amount, no matter how small, makes a massive difference.