A sunset stroll at Pier 84 turned into a whale spotting expedition for local musician Andrés Javier. He photographed a humpback whale at around 4:15pm yesterday afternoon (Monday) on the Hudson River.

After his initial tweet, Andrés’s collated a video of the whale at play set to his own music. You can see the whale spurting water into the air from its blowhole as the sun goes down and a NY Waterway ferry passes by.

Originally tweeted by Andrés (@AndresJavierNYC) on December 7, 2020.

This isn’t the first time that a whale has been seen in the Hudson. Back in 2016, a humpback whale made headlines when it took up residence in the Hudson River for a week.

Last year, Patch reported that cleaner waters had created a more than five-times increase in sightings of the mammals in just eight years.

Experts at the marine mammal research and advocacy organization, Gotham Whale, started tracking sightings in our rivers in 2010 — counting just five. In 2018, they spotted 272, nearly all humpbacks.

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