W42ST Daily 5/20/2020

You’d not expect a venture capital guy to move you to tears, but Charlie O’Donnell is a bit different. I subscribe to his newsletter. This was his note this week about his dad.

I’ve been visiting my 80 year old dad, who is also in Brooklyn, from a safe social distance. He sits on his porch while we sit on the front steps. He still goes to grocery stores despite my best effort to talk him out of it. So, I worry more about getting coronavirus from him in our meetings and spreading it to others than I have to about giving it to him. 

Quarantine has been hard on him especially since my mom is gone – six months tomorrow. He says he’s ok. I’ve taught him how to use Alexa for video chat (he doesn’t have a smartphone), but not being around people is difficult. He has his dog, but she’s 15 and mostly just sleeps.

We all need touch and affection from other humans. 

Yesterday, I decided to bring a raincoat and put it on backwards so my head was in the hood part, so I could give him a hug. At first he didn’t want to do it, which I was surprised by – but then I realized he knew it would make him emotional and he was embarrassed about it.

We hugged goodbye and he started crying.

My dad was a NYC fireman – crying really isn’t his thing if he can help it.

I’m going to bring the raincoat over more often or figure out some other kind of protective attire I can actually see through. 

Everyone needs hugs.

The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia has ordered custom-made masks stamped with the smiles of Marilyn Monroe and George Washington for their opening at the end of the month. The three Michelin starred chef Patrick O’Connell will also use mannequins to fill the empty seats. Come on Hell’s Kitchen, we can step up to this challenge. I can feel a competition coming on …

Reader Leanne Buckley was glad she picked up a call from a number she didn’t recognize. The caller: “Hi  – this is Walter Blanding, saxophonist for Jazz at Lincoln Center. I’m not selling anything or asking for donations, I’m just calling to say hi and check on you to make sure you’re OK during this time.” This was not a prerecorded message, but a live person.

He told her that the center was reaching out to its concert-going families. What a kind, humane thing to do. She’s not some “highfalutin donor, nor season tickets holder.”  She said they had a great conversation. “I’m a public school music teacher, so he and I had much to discuss on teaching music online. At the end of our conversation, he offered me to come backstage when things get back to normal.” JALC is spreading kindness one call at a time — the best improvisation.

Casellula stopped serving cheese on Saturday, March 14.  Ten weeks on, Brian Keyser, the founder, has some difficult decisions about the future of his popular Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. Read about his heartbreaking choices at W42ST.com.

If you don’t already own a bike and were thinking of getting one, you may have to wait a wheel – sorry, while… Racked off…

The Met Museum is making plans for a mid-August reopening… maybe? 

They’ve got plans for an observation deck at the Chrysler Building. #W42ST High high…

Feel a song coming on? Then this Times Square Alliance competition is for you! Write in…

They’re unsung heroes, but grocery delivery people deserve our praise too. Applause….

What clever social distancing signs have you seen?

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