A man was rescued from the Hudson River this afternoon after a quick-thinking bystander threw an emergency life ring into the water.

Hudson River Rescue Pier 96
Bystanders used a life ring to help in the rescue of a man from the Hudson River at Pier 95 this afternoon. Photo: Phil O’Brien

The incident happened just before 5pm at Clinton Cove, when a 34-year-old man reportedly jumped into the water between Pier 94 and Pier 96 in Hudson River Park.

A witness told W42ST that a passerby who had seen the man enter the water went to a nearby emergency life ring station, retrieved the floatable device and threw it to the man.

Hudson River Rescus Pier 96
The rescued man being taken away on a stretcher in Hudson River Park. Photo: W42ST Reader

The emergency services responded — including NYPD and FDNY rescue units on the river. When they arrived, the man was still in the Hudson clinging to the life ring. He was rescued from the water and after receiving attention from paramedics was placed on a stretcher before being taken in an ambulance Mount Sinai Hospital, where officials reported him to be in stable condition.

Hudson River Rescue Pier 96 replacing life ring
Park officials returning the emergency life ring to its box at Clinton Cove. Photo: Phil O’Brien
Hudson River Rescue Pier 96
The rescued man was taken to Mount Sinai after the incident. Photo: Phil O’Brien

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