Hell’s Kitchen restaurant Hold Fast is serving up a heartfelt message to the performing arts community – you haven’t been forgotten!

The Hold Fast team on Restaurant Row. Photo: Brittany Taylor.

With Broadway dark and entertainment venues shuttered, the livelihoods of people working in the industry have vanished, with lives put on hold as the pandemic forced the shutdown of their workplaces.

It’s a worrying and lonely time for people who thrive on human connection – and that’s where you can help. The Restaurant Row eatery has launched a “Hold Fast to the Arts” initiative, aiming to bolster the performing arts community by facilitating “socially distanced” human to human connections.

Sponsorship packages, which start at $40, provide an eligible individual in the arts community with a safe dining experience at Hold Fast, tax and gratuity included. “It is our hope that through these sponsorships, you aren’t just providing meals, but forging friendships,” they say.

And already, the scheme is attracting a lot of support. To donate, follow this Venmo link – and if you work in the arts, you can apply to take part via this link.

Hold Fast was the winning bar in the W42ST Best of Award 2020. It is run by partners Shane Hathaway and Jason Clark — along with Kiara Clark (Jason’s wife) who is a choreographer with Disney.

“We are completely blown away by the outpouring of genuine support for something important to so many individuals,” the Hold Fast team told us. “The way our community has come together in such a short amount of time has enforced what we’ve already known… This is going to be beyond special and truly impactful on many levels!”

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