The secret is out — and the ice cream is nearly ready to serve! A new Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop is promising premium cold and tasty treats while also supporting the Hell’s Kitchen community.

Ben & Jerry's
Jason Wade Mann and James Healy will open Ben & Jerry’s later this month on W51st Street. Photo montage: Catie Savage

James Healy and Jason Wade Mann, the masterminds behind neighboring soon-to-open gay bar FLEX and operators of Ben & Jerry’s locations in Times Square and Rockefeller Center, decided to add more flavor to the block — but kept the identity of their new business under wraps. 

The arrival of an eye-catching, brightly colored mural at 403 W51st Street — space previously occupied by the beloved Kahve — spoiled our “scoop”… Because Hell’s Kitchen is now home to the first Ben & Jerry’s location in a residential area. James boasted “the smell of waffle cones will be in at least a hundred yard radius”

As renovations got underway, anticipation mounted about the new establishment. Clues included the distinctive blue exterior and a tip from Sean Hayden of Jasper’s and Alfie’s, suggesting the arrival of an “ice cream shop.” It soon became clear that Hell’s Kitchen was to be graced with its very own Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, the fourth Manhattan venture for the company — and they hope to be open before the end of PRIDE month.

But unlike the bustling tourist hubs of Times Square and Rockefeller Center, this Scoop Shop aspires to be a genuine gathering spot for the local community. Jason and James, recognizing the neighborhood’s adoration for ice cream and the absence of dedicated parlors, seized the opportunity to bring the company’s tantalizing delights directly to the locals — and their aim is to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie within Hell’s Kitchen too.

Ben & Jerry’s is committed to helping social and environmental causes, with a portion of the proceeds from each scoop going to charitable initiatives that make a positive impact on communities. Here in Hell’s Kitchen, they will collaborate with the Litter Legion for an upcoming “Treats for Trash” event, encouraging community members to join in cleanup activities by offering delicious ice cream as rewards. 

Faced with the challenge of a modest 200-square-foot space, the team behind the Scoop Shop remained determined to create a unique and unforgettable experience. The interior captures the very essence of Ben & Jerry’s, with marble countertops and an elevated tie-dye aesthetic. The exterior boasts a vibrant blue awning proudly displaying the words “Peace, Love, and Cream,” accompanied by a striking mural of Woody the cow and featuring the PRIDE flag — a reminder that love transcends all flavors. The Scoop Shop will offer outdoor seating, featuring alternating blue and green tables paired with mismatched chairs. 

Ben & Jerry's
The new mural appeared for Ben & Jerry’s on W51st Street this week. Photo: Catie Savage

Around 20 flavors of ice cream will be on offer from Ben & Jerry’s extensive repertoire, from timeless favorites like Chunky Monkey and Phish Food to seasonal delights. In addition to sundaes, shakes and cakes the Scoop Shop will offer pints for purchase, allowing patrons to savor their preferred flavors at home. Mmmm!

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, 403 W51st Street, will open from noon until midnight, seven days a week later this month. Watch this space for an opening date!

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  1. 10 out of 10 recommend!!! I had a friend and her daughter visiting from out of state. We went to get ice cream and everybody in the store was sooo sweet! Super friendly! They even have a variety of Vegan Flavors! The ice cream of course is delicious!

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