When we asked our readers for their favorite places for Margaritas in the neighborhood, who would have guessed they’d cover all colors of the Hell’s Kitchen rainbow? Here’s the list — and the reasons why our respondents thought they were the best.

‘ritas — 756 9th Ave (corner of W51st St)

Margaritas are often colorful at ‘ritas — this one is a springtime Blueberry Basil Marg.

“It’s a decent size for the price and the sweet, to sour, to tequila ratio is fantastic,” said Natalie Costa.


Añejo – 668 10th Ave (corner of W47th St)

Try one (or two) Mexcal Magaritas at Añejo.

“Añejo’s Mezcal Margarita is top-notch and one of the best mezcal-infused margaritas I’ve had. It’s rare that you see this combination in NYC and I appreciate how smooth and simplistic the drink is!” said Parris Taylor.

“Their Mezcal Margarita got me through the pandemic. I encountered their little margarita window on my first excursion out of my apartment in months. That little boozy oasis saved me. I drank my first to go bag of sauce on my fire escape. The rest of spring and summer, I would pick up 32 ounce containers with some bacon guac and then hang out along the river,” said Jess Judd.

Juli Oliver also added: “Perfect size. Smooth and mixed together just right.”

“Añejo’s jalapeño margarita – perfect for sipping, and just spicy enough to keep me from gulping it down fast and getting a hangover later,” said Leslie Woodruff.


Arriba Arriba – 762 9th Ave (corner of W51st St)

Arriba Arriba is ready to cater for any thirst.

“Arriba Arriba takes top prize for me! I love that they cater to your thirst… whether you just want to sample a 4 oz ‘Bebe’, or the day requires a more substantial 27 oz ‘Mama!” said Jessica Bettini.

Anthony Villiotti also said that they have the “best flavors, best sizes, and they are ALWAYS what takes your night to the next level.”


Cantina Rooftop – 605 W48th St (between 11/12th Ave)

Drinks with a view at Cantina Rooftop.

“The margs are delicious but the views of the city are the beautiful draw!” said Katie Howe.


El Centro – 824 9th Ave (corner of W54th St)

Frozen Margarita at El Centro.

“El Centro! They’re consistently on point and not bitter or sweet like other restaurants. They’re just perfect and reasonably priced,” said Gino Hawley.

Sophia Dauria added: “It’s been my go to throughout school with friends after class even before the pandemic. Great vibes, strong margs.”

“El Centro’s margarita is a fave! The Altos Reposado with fresh squeezed lime juice & agave syrup (clocking in at a generous 16 oz. — woot woot) is perfect to enjoy with their chips and guac!” shared Alison Saltz.


Empanada Mama – 765 9th Ave (between W51/52nd St)

Catering for all tastes at Empanada Mama.

“Love their coconut and passion fruit margaritas. It’s my go-to spot for margaritas with friends,” said Marlenie Cardenas.


Patron – 608 9th Ave (between W43/44th St)

Patron are constantly reinventing the margarita — this one is “Smarties or not to be Smarties”.

“El Patron — because they serve it in a unique and fun way! And it has a great flavor,” said Mayra Lopez.


Rancho Tequileria – 741 9th Ave (corner of W51st St)

Plenty of flavors to chose from at Rancho Tequileria.

“I love it because guava is my favorite fruit and it brings a little sweetness to a tart drink. The bartenders are consistent with the recipe as it always tastes exactly the same. At $6 during happy hour, the price is great as well,” said Vivian Rosario.


Sombrero – 303 W48th St (corner of 8th Ave)

This Hot Margarita is made with love at Sombrero.

“They have the best margaritas because they are made with love, THE LOVE OF THE DRINK! Haha really though, they have many to choose from with flavors. They make me feel warmed and welcome,” said Eva Busoni.

Selina Lucero added: “It’s always happy hour and the drinks don’t hit you until afterwards. Which are the best.”


Tacuba – 802 9th Ave (between W53/54th St)

Tacuba’s Skinny Pineapple Margarita.

“Tacuba’s mezcal ‘Rita — it’s as strong as it is balanced. Woody, bitter, sweet, sour, and let’s not forget salty! The boys behind the bar can make a delight for anyone’s taste but that’s my fave,” said Christopher Motta.

Deb Knicos added: “I’ve been to many other of the restaurants on the list, but I keep going back to Tacuba — the frozen raspados: my favorites are the tamarind and strawberry. But there are so many different types made with muddled fruit and veggies. Divine!”


Tulcingo Del Valle – 665 10th Ave (between W46/47th St)

You can always expect something delicious and hot at Tulcingo. Photo: Phil O’Brien.

“They make a delicious jalapeño margarita with just the right amount of kick. Tulcingo is definitely a hidden gem of the neighborhood,” said Timothy Malone


Honorable mentions go to Casa del Toro (626 10th Ave), Hell’s Kitchen (754 9th Ave), Mamasita Bar & Grill (818 10th Ave), Tito Murphy’s (346 W46th St), Toloache (251 W50th St), and Mickey Spillane’s (350 W49th St).

* All photos from bar/restaurant Instagram unless otherwise credited.

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