A nor’easter has delivered over 5 inches of snow to New York overnight — and the storm is forecast to continue to 2pm today (Saturday). Here’s our photo report on what’s happening around Hell’s Kitchen as the city wakes up to the most blizzard-like conditions so far this year.

Times Square Father Duffy Snow
Father Duffy’s statue watches over the storm in Times Square. All Photos: Phil O’Brien
taxis snow hell's kitchen
Taxis parked up on W44th Street this morning as snow clearance gets underway.
viv thai hell's kitchen snow
Snow covers the floral decorations at VIV Thai Restaurant’s outdoor dining area.
snow hell's kitchen
Walking down the road on W47th Street in the snow.
snow hell's kitchen plow via
Snow plow returning to the Department of Sanitation on W57th Street.
snow delivery hell's kitchen empanada mama
Empanada Mama was still ready for deliveries this morning.
hell's kitchen graffiti snow
The Hell’s Kitchen graffiti on W55th Street looked good in the snow.
clinton community garden buddha snow
The Buddha statue in Clinton Community Garden is just visible in the winter wonderland.
snow rex coffee 10th Avenue Hell's Kitchen
Clearing the snow at 7am this morning outside REX Coffee
gossip bar outdoor dining snow
Outdoor dining has been suspended for Saturday in New York. This was the scene at Gossip Bar this morning.
9th avenue hell's kitchen snow
The few people out on 9th Avenue were playful.
bikes snow hell's kitchen
Bikes in the snow on W47th Street.
father duffy times square snow surfer
Advertising offers warmer destination ideas in Times Square.
snow plow 10th avenue hell's kitchen
Snow plow clearing 10th Avenue this morning.
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  1. I hope you’ve thawed out from your early morning snow report, Phil!
    Thanks for the story through photos and looks like you enjoyed trekking around the neighborhood because some of us who grew up with regular snowy winters like this are perfectly happy not to set foot outside until there are bare dry sidewalks again! #ILiveInHell

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