As we wait for Winter Storm Orlena to arrive and dump 14 to 16 inches of snow in New York City — here’s a flashback to the last time Hell’s Kitchen had that much snow, in January 2016. That was SNOWPOCALYPSE (or in Weather Channel speak, Winter Storm Jonas) — and it dumped over two feet of snow.

Snowball fight on 9th Avenue after the snow. Photo: Lynnette Blanche.

Winter Storm Gail (that was the one in December 2020) only brought us 11 inches! We’ve only had more than 20 inches seven times since the city started reporting Central Park snowfall in 1869. So here’s Jonas — at 27 inches. Remember, and prepare…

Parked Taxis in deep snow on Hell’s Kitchen streets.
YouTube video
Delivery workers give up for the day and head home.
Making a path to Rudy’s after the snow.
Dogs wanting to play in the middle of 10th Avenue.
YouTube video
Ninth Avenue became a promenade on the Saturday night.
The TAGG Shop underneath World Wide Plaza on 9th Avenue was not prepared for the change in weather.
After the snowstorm, looking out on the Hudson River.
YouTube video
Snow Plow in action crossing 9th Avenue.
Getting 10th Avenue ready for business on the Sunday morning. Photo: Tom Fervoy.
YouTube video
FDNY put out a blaze at Empanada Mama. They struggled to find a fire hydrant not buried in snow.
What fire hydrants that could be seen in Hell’s Kitchen looked pretty…
Up in Central Park there were lots of walkers, and some skiers.
YouTube video
Before people WFH, they used to have to walk to work! Yuk…

Please tag W42ST with your photos and videos of this snowstorm. Keep warm and safe.

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