There might not be a fancy, schmancy, in-person ceremony this year — thanks, COVID — but the W42ST Best of Awards 2021 (sponsored by Wells Fargo and supported by HYHK Alliance and The Durst Organization) are underway. We will be out on the streets surprising and delighting our category winners over the next week…

This Hell’s Kitchen gift shop celebrated its 25th anniversary in September, now it has a second reason to celebrate — Delphinium Home was voted Best Retail Store 2021 by W42ST’s readers.

The owners, John Soroka, Michael Quinn and Gary Alaimo, were busy in the store on Saturday afternoon as we surprised them with their award — narrowly winning against runners up Domus and Veritas Studio Wines.

Michael told us: “We are thrilled we won and want to thank everyone that voted for us. It’s great to know the Hell’s Kitchen community is still embracing us after 25 years. We are most grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

YouTube video

Shoppers cheered as the award was presented by Patrick Johnson from award sponsor, Wells Fargo, customers in the line at the store revealing they had cast their vote for Delphinium.

“For all of us who seem to have ‘made it through the rain’ during the COVID period, we are especially thankful and grateful,” said John, speaking in September about the pandemic. “There were moments last year where we didn’t think it was even a possibility to make it to this momentous milestone, but here we are!”

Delphinium Home — 353 W47th St (east of 9th Ave)

This is what our readers said about why they had voted for Delphinium Home:

“25 years of serving Hell’s Kitchen, the theatre community and beyond. Owners and staff are wonderful. A one of a kind shop that is a fixture of the neighborhood,” said Andrew Fitch.

“The owners helped make this community what it is today. Also, they are not only lights in my life but have brightened and guided so many in the community for many years,” said Laurie McCloskey.

“I can always go there and find an amazing selection of gifts I can’t find anywhere else. They also have great greeting cards!” said Joe Marra.

(From left) Delphinium Home’s Gary Alaimo, Michael Quinn and John Soroka with their award. Photo: Phil O’Brien



Domus — 413 W44th St (west of 9th Ave)

“Every gift you need from every corner of the earth for everyone you know. Loads of one of a kind presents, art, greeting cards, wallets, jewelry, toys and anything else you can think of. All items personally and humanely sourced with love and good humor by the owners, Luisa and Nicki, who will make you feel like their best friend and customer every single time you visit. BEST STORE EVER!” said Christy G.

Thank you cards from Domus.


Veritas Studio Wines — 527 W45th St (bw 10&11th Ave)

“Jeremy and his staff know their wines and are always spot on with pairings for whatever meal we are planning. The wine club is a wonderful bargain and has introduced us to so many terrific wines!” said Inez Brandon.

Veritas Wine Club November selections from Spain.



Fine and Dandy Shop — 445 W49th St (bw 9&10th Ave)

“Can always find a hidden gem you didn’t know you needed,” said Nico Leeper.

Fine and Dandy storefront.


Piccinini Bros — 633 9th Ave (bw W44&45th St)

“Small family-owned business, excellent quality, amazing customer service. A business where everyone knows your name!” said Suzanne DeBrango.

Outside of Piccinini Bros Butcher shop.


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