The work to disassemble the crane that caught fire and collapsed this summer in Hell’s Kitchen has begun, despite ongoing heavy rain.

Carne Dismantled 10th Avenue
The crane being disassembled today above 10th Avenue. Photo: Danny Sayegh

The operation was postponed over the weekend due to extreme weather conditions. In the days ahead, contractors will methodically lower the damaged crane’s sections to the ground, using a derrick installed atop the building originally under construction.

Department of Building (DOB) inspectors are currently on scene in Midtown, observing the work to remove the fire-damaged tower crane at 550 10th Avenue at W41st Street from a height of 45 stories. The incident in July resulted in 12 people sustaining minor injuries, including three firefighters. 

“The safety of our fellow New Yorkers will always be a top priority at DOB and we are fortunate that no one died as a result of this summer’s crane collapse,” said Ryan Degan, Deputy Press Secretary for the DOB.

The collapse damaged neighboring buildings and left a huge crater on 10th Avenue. The five-alarm incident forced residents to evacuate from 555TEN and The Victory luxury apartment buildings which were struck by the collapsing crane. MiMa, 500 W42nd Street, YOTEL and Covenant House also had to evacuate temporarily.

Firefighters used hoses from the rooftop swimming pool area of 555TEN across the road from the crane to help put out the fire. The FDNY used drones to coordinate the operation and assess potential structural damage. 

The crane was being used on a 47-story residential building being developed by the Gotham Organization. 

“DOB inspectors are currently on scene at 550 10th Avenue, observing the ongoing work to safely remove a damaged tower crane which earlier this summer caught fire and collapsed. The private contractors performing this work will be carefully removing pieces of the damaged crane over the next several days with the help of a derrick that they have installed on top of the tower,” said Degan.

“NYC has some of the most comprehensive crane safety regulations anywhere in the world, in place to protect New Yorkers from potentially hazardous conditions associated with construction,” continued Degan.  

The DOB said an investigation into the cause of the crane collapse is being conducted in close coordination with law enforcement and is still ongoing. Any potential enforcement actions related to the incident are pending the results of the investigation.

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  1. The firefighters “fighting” the fire caused so much necessary damage to the rooftop of my building it’s ridiculous. Breaking down doors where the porter was right behind them with a key and breaking the glass knee walls all over the parapet for no good reason. They are abusive and destructive. If I were Extell (my building’s owner) I would refuse them entry next time they show up to fight a fire across the street from our building. Firemen generally do very good but the unit that covers our area is nothing but rude and unnecessarily destructive in the process of putting out fires.

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