NYPD is seeking the culprit behind two hate crimes as Epstein’s Paint Center and Cybert Tire were vandalized with neo-Nazi imagery overnight. 

Peter Epstein, co-owner of Epstein Paints found the swastika on his door this morning.
Peter Epstein, co-owner of Epstein Paints found the swastika on his door this morning. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Windows at both W52nd Street stores just east of 11th Avenue were smashed with the top of a fire hydrant ripped from the sidewalk. A swastika was spray-painted on the door of Epstein’s Paint Center and “NEO NAZI KKK” was emblazoned on the sidewalk in front of Cybert Tire. 

“We got here at 7:30am this morning and the window was smashed, the door painted with a swastika,” said owner Peter Epstein “We believe it happened at 10 o’clock last night”. Police were trying to recover security footage from the nearby attack on Cybert Tire which sits diagonally across the street from Epstein’s. 

Neo-nazi graffiti on the sidewalk outside Cybert Tire.
Neo-nazi graffiti on the sidewalk outside Cybert Tire. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Hate crimes are on the rise in the city and nationwide. According to the NYPD’s crime reporting dashboard, as of March 31 this year, there were at least 90 documented antisemitic attacks in New York. The city has seen a significant increase in bigoted attacks, with an astonishing 100 percent increase in hate crimes from 2020 to 2021, and a 361 percent increase in crimes against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The CITY recently reported that despite the high numbers, there are likely even more crimes in the category, as most hate crime charges are dropped or pleaded down — only 15 percent of hate crimes remain documented as such by the time of conviction.

In response to the surge in racially-motivated attacks, State Senator Brad Hoylman co-sponsored the Hate Crimes Analysis & Review Act with Bronx Assembly Member Karines Reyes. The act “would require the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DJCS) to maintain and make public statistical data about hate crimes, while expanding the data points law enforcement is required to report.” 

The broken window at Epstein Paints on W52nd Street.
The broken window at Epstein Paints on W52nd Street. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Joe Restuccia, Executive Director of the Clinton Housing Development Company which is the landlord of both of the W52nd Street buildings, was dismayed at the news.“We have never seen anything like this. Ever. So not our neighborhood. There’s no place in Hell’s Kitchen for this sort of hate,” he said.

Back at Epstein’s Paint Center, which has been a staple of the Hell’s Kitchen community for 127 years, Peter remained undeterred. “We’ll be alright,” he said. 

Police at Cybert Tire after Neo-nazi graffiti was painted on the sidewalk.
Police at Cybert Tire after Neo-nazi graffiti was painted on the sidewalk. Photo: Phil O’Brien

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  1. If they were so “proud,” they should do this at Cybert Tire again when employees are there.

  2. This is so outrageous and sad. I’m so done with the hate. Growing up, racism doesn’t run in our family. My mother would have buried us. The killing, the hate innocent people and children being killed, and attacked. This is ludicrous. Heartbreaking! 🤬

  3. This is sacrilegious on many fronts, religiously as well as personally. The Epstein family’s multigenerational commitment to this community goes as deep as any family business in NYC. They we’re able to survive the corporate competition that has proliferated and decimated many of the traditional “ Mom and Pop” businesses- only to be cowardly attacked by unnamed supporters fueled by the past 5 years’ unraveling of societal norms.

    1. The Epstein’s family run business is an icon for community mindedness and locally run small business efforts. They have sustained their presence in the community for over a 100 years! No cowardly and hateful act can ever take away from their kindness to their neighbors. While Uplifting the good… we also need to root out the hate mongers who are trying to wreak havoc.

  4. Both Cybert and Epsteins have the friendliest welcoming neighborhood staff, my kids look forward to saying hi to everyday on W 52nd. Hope they catch the guy soon.

  5. They believe this happened at 10p Fri, but only discovered it on arrival in the morning. So, do police patrol (by car) the streets at all during the night? Why are attacks like this, and on people, never observed by police? I never hear where police caught someone in the act. Where do the cop cars go at night??

  6. Cybert tires is a great place and they have been in “The Kitchen” for over a 100 years. Sure, they prefer FOX news but that doesn’t make them Nazi’s. Mis-informed yes, but Nazi’s no. KB

  7. I don’t know them personally, but if they leave dog bone treats out for our dogs ,got to be good people.
    So much haters out there. Good question.where are the police at night?

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