All the world’s a stage, said Shakespeare — and one local theater company is about to take that literally. From June 17, INTAR is staging its MicroTEATRO Festival at some pretty unusual Hell’s Kitchen venues.

Intar Theater in action on W52nd Street early in June as part of Open Streets. Photo: John Foley.

Sonny’s 10th Ave Meat Market will play host to #Emperorof10thAve, a short play by Carmen Rivera, performed to audiences of up to four people, while on 52nd Street, Epstein’s Paint, is the setting for a playlet by Julissa Contreras, also called Epstein’s Paint. In all, 7 neighborhood locations will become storefront theaters for a collection of small format plays surrounding the same themes (or not) presented at the same time for a rotating audience — with 14 actors performing works by 6 playwrights.

INTAR artistic director Lou Moreno explained the idea behind the mini-festival to American Theatre: “We can’t really produce in our space right now. So instead of not doing anything, [we said] let’s do something different, let’s get audiences comfortable going to theatre again. Let’s just do weird things in small amounts and get them excited.” 

Ardesia Wine Bar is serving as ticket pick-up hub for the event – and is offering $2 off any wine of draft beer by the glass to ticketholders. INTAR managing director Paul Slee Rodriguez told American Theatre: “Our first instinct was, how do we help the restaurant on the block that’s been so good to us? So we just built ideas around that.”

Locations for the performances are Sonny’s 10th Avenue Meat Market, LeNoble
Lumber Co., Police Athletic League, Inc. William J. Duncan Center, Epstein’s Paint
Center, Housing Conservation Coordinators and The 52nd Street Projects. The cast for each work is limited to up to 3 actors and the plays will be presented to a small audience of 4 members, in keeping with space/COVID restrictions.

YouTube video
Intar hosted a silent disco in W52nd Street on Saturday.

Performance schedule for the 10-minute plays is Thursday, June 17; Friday, June 18; Thursday, June 24; and Friday, June 25. with performances at 7:30 pm, 8:15 pm, 9:00 pm and 9:45 pm each night.

Tickets are just $5 per play, with a four-play package at $20 per person. For all tickets and information go to Tickets hub for pick up is Ardesia Wine Bar at 510 West 52 St.

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