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W42ST Daily 8/8/2020

In a week that’s brought us a cataclysmic explosion in Beirut, a standoff between police and BLM protesters in Hell’s Kitchen, and a new trend in USPS crop tops, you could be forgiven for missing some of the news. So here’s a quick reminder to keep you up to speed. 

Orange is the New Black actor Finnerty Steeves talked openly about the break-up of her seemingly perfect 15-year marriage, and how the terrible couples therapy they received inspired her first film. As horribly painful as it was, a small part of her kept saying: “If this weren’t happening to me, it would be really f***ing funny!”

Ryan Hong described the 3,000-mile road trip that reunited him with his dog, Spot.

We looked back over some of our favorite W42ST covers of the last two years (including the one voted reader favorite).

Embattled local bars and restaurants echoed what’s happening in the rest of the city – that landlords are still refusing to negotiate on leases.

We heard from the pattern makers, cutters, stitchers, tailors, milliners, hand finishers, craftspeople, embroiderers, sculptors, painters, and dyers of Broadway – the people who are responsible for the Schuyler sisters’ corsets; for Aladdin’s harem pants; Lola’s red sequin mini dress in Kinky Boots – who are uniting with a plea to save their industry.

We reported on a petition to close the hotels that are currently being used as homeless shelters as crime soars in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, one New Yorker explained in detail how she managed to renegotiate her rent, in the middle of a two-year lease, and is now saving nearly $300 a month. Read it and learn, my friends.

And, just for shits and giggles, this is my favorite Instagram post of the week. SURPRISE!

Have a glorious weekend. You made it!

We applaud the stretched-to-the-limit bars and restaurants of Hell’s Kitchen who, already faced with falling customer numbers, no rent relief, and inflexible landlords, confounded by the moving target of regulations, the cost of construction, and the complication of menu changes, have created tiny sidewalk oases for outdoor dining. 

Cheers to those whose creativity and innovation have gone beyond the basic orange and white road barriers or unpainted plywood and brought us planters, colorful Plexiglass, umbrellas to shelter from the unforgiving Manhattan sun … and one clever restaurant that has included electric fans! 

These are just a few of our favorites … add yours to the “Sidewalkies Hall of Fame” by posting your choice on Instagram and use the hashtag #W42ST.

The phrase ‘Facebook post’ suddenly takes on a whole new meaning

We’re loving this photo timeline of NYC in the time of the pandemic. 

Our chump change is making the headlines! 

Maybe it’s time to start a campaign for these Italian wine windows in New York?