Over the course of five years, W42ST has published 63 magazines (the 64th was halted in March because of COVID-19). Each cover celebrates the creativity of an individual artist – and more than once the ingenuity of the W42ST team – as well as the evolution of the magazine. Here are the first 20 – one of which is now available to buy as a poster. The next 20 will be coming soon.

Issue 1 (Nov/Dec 2014): The Rise and Rise of Hell’s Kitchen

Cover art: James Gulliver Hancock

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Issue 2 (Dec/Jan 2014/2015): Happy Holidays

Issue 3 (February 2015): Healthy Eats in Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Photographer Ortal Mizrahi.

Issue 4 (March 2014): Great Things to do in Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Lize Meddings.

Issue 5 (April 2015): Go Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Half Dutch.

Issue 6 (May 2015): What’s Cooking in Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Rachel Frankel.

Issue 7 (June 2015): Why Should Hell’s Kitchen Have all the Good Music?

Cover art: R Nichols.

Issue 8 (July/August 2015): Hello Summer – it’s Hot in Hell’s Kitchen.

Cover art: Jeanine Murch.

Issue 9 (September 2015): Hell’s Kitchen, You’ve Got Style.

Cover art: Alisa Krutovsky.

Issue 10 (October 2015): Hell’s Kitchen Nights.

Cover art: Taylor Bowen.

Issue 11 (November 2015): Happy Birthday W42ST!

Cover art: Cupcake Cafe.

Inside: Interview with Jim Caruso.

Issue 12 (December 2015): Happy Holidays (Hell’s Kittens)!

Cover art: Sadi Tekin.

Issue 13 (January 2016): Superpower Your Life!

Cover art: Rich Bernatovech.

Issue 14 (February 2016): I Heart HK.

Cover art: Corey Cannataro/Lee Caple.

Inside: Interview with Phil LaDuca.

Issue 15 (March 2016): Saints & Sinners.

Cover art: Joseph Cavalieri.

Issue 16 (April 2016): The Green Issue.

Cover art: Ian Sklarsky.

Issue 17 (May 2016): Hell’s Kitchen Eats.

Cover art: Ana Krutchinsky.

Issue 18 (June 2016): Going Places.

Cover art: Nat Guinamard.

Inside: Interview with Bryan Ware (Fresh From Hell)

Issue 19 (July 2016): Can’t Stand the Heat?

Cover art: Sally Mackness.

Inside: The House that Duct Tape Built.

Issue 20 (August 2016): The Families Issue.

Cover art: Robben T Muñoz.

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