W42ST Daily — 9/10/2020

Happy Thursday. We are back in print! We’ve produced a printed map with the winners of our W42ST Best of awards 2020 — and our HOT 100list. It’s on the streets from today.

Go pick up one today at any of those 100 spots, and if you order in because it’s raining, you might well get a copy in your delivery bag.  Please post a pic with the hashtag #W42ST when you get your map.

Thanks to all of you who voted earlier in the year. We’ve now presented trophies and certificates to the best bars, best places to eat, best coffee shops , best stores and your Hell’s Hero. We’ve also compiled the best pizza and burgers lists — and curated a few favorites of our own. Together, they make up Hell’s Kitchen’s HOT 100.

You can find all of these links, plus a downloadable PDF and a Google Map, at our OPEN page.  We’ll be keeping everything updated there from now on, so bookmark for inspiration.

Can you help? We need $$$s to print and distribute these maps. We’ve already had pledges from local businesses and organizations, and your reader contributions have helped immensely. We promise this printed map will be a great way to help our local businesses survive and thrive. Support here…

Love Thy Neighbor…hood. Home has never been more important. With in-person real estate activities resuming, The Dyksterhouse Team is excited to begin showing homes again and are taking measures to ensure that safety is our top priority. Learn More Here

We reported last week on the imminent closure of The Hourglass Tavern and Bettibar.  I popped in to have dinner last night and to chat to Beth.

She recounted the tale of “the lady on the bike” who stopped to snip basil from their herb pots to take home for her pesto. Staff watched as she cut away and, before she left with her stash, complained that it wasn’t particularly good basil. You couldn’t make it up.

I’m thinking of setting up a reverse Yelp for bar and restaurant owners to review the behavior of the public.

Governor Cuomo agreed to indoor dining at 25% capacity from September 30. I spoke with many business owners yesterday and, although all felt it was a move in the right direction, there was skepticism as to how much it would really benefit business. There is confusion as to whether the 25% capacity includes staff working in the space in the calculation, and about the costs involved in meeting the ventilation requirements.  “Fat chance,” said chef Charlie Marshall of The Marshal. “Great. So I have to install a new ventilation system to seat 10 people.”  Find out more here.

“In the more than four decades since it opened, Manhattan Plaza has had a profound, if largely unrecognized, impact on the culture and history of New York.”  Read more about how Manhattan Plaza helped transform Hell’s Kitchen.

There are clean-ups all around the neighborhood Saturday. Sign up now!

Boutique fitness studios are fighting for the right to exercise. Unfit…?

The city’s 9/11 commemorations will be markedly different this year. Friday…

Holidays are coming… Get into the spirit by purchasing cards raising funds for Citymeals on Wheels. Give…