Hartley House on W46th Street between 9/10th Avenue became a Vaccination Center today (Friday). The project is a joint community effort by Clinton Housing Development Company (CHDC), Hartley House, and Hudson Guild, in partnership with Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center (RCC).

Vaccinations underway at Hartley House this morning.

Today was planned as a one-off event, but the demand and success of the venture has left organizers hopeful they can carry out vaccination at the venue on a regular basis.

Joe Restuccia, Executive Director of CHDC, said: “We have about 300 people registered for vaccination today. Ryan Clinic has been fantastic in getting a whole bunch of volunteers, nurses, and doctors here.”

William Arboleda from RCC explained that they were using a combination of staff and volunteers for the vaccinations. “It’s part of our mission to bring services in the community to folks who might not have the resources,” he said. “We have seven folks vaccinating — they are nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors. Then we have some of our board members who are volunteering their time.”

Locals in line for vaccination outside Hartley House this morning.

The center administered Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to all who registered today.

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Joe Restuccia and William Arboleda at the Hartley House vaccination site this morning.

If you are interested in future sessions, send your name and address to COVIDvaccinesHK@clintonhousing.org

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  1. I did not realize everyone had volunteered their services and would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the organizers and volunteers. Everything was so well organized and all of the staff was so warm, helpful and friendly. This local Hell’s kitchen resident is very grateful.

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