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W42ST Daily 6/7/2020

I’ve tried to treat this time of pause as a time to reflect. Writing this newsletter three times a week for 12 weeks has certainly been part of that introspection, making me think, digging deeper.  What’s it been like for you? Hit reply…

Professionally, I’ve got energy from dusting off my journalistic skills. Working with Ruth and Sandra to find content daily for this newsletter and our social media feeds. Using my iPhone to create photography and videos that record the people and happenings of the neighborhood. I’ve loved the challenge of interviewing and writing about amazing folks such as Designer Karim Rashid, Futuristic Optimist Kate O’Neill, the UN’s Lisa Laskaridis, Casellula’s Brian Keyser,  Hamilton’s Krystal Joy Brown, Subway Creatures’ Rick McGuire, The GPS Girl Karen Jacobsen, New York photographer Gary Hershorn and more.  Building our website from scratch to have a live story feed and the Hell’s Kitchen is OPEN! list has given me a pride.

Governor Cuomo congratulated New York yesterday. He said: “You CRUSHED it! You didn’t just flatten the curve, you bent it”.  You should be proud, take a bow!

The reflection never stops. The murder of George Floyd turns the starkest of light on the inequity of our world, and in particularly our country. The reaction and actions of New Yorkers this week have made me proud. Seeing the people of this city (especially the youth) active, engaged, passionate is a good sign for all of our futures. In a month where we celebrate PRIDE in recognition of that hard fight for LGBTQ+ rights, we should not forget we can make change. Phase 1 starts tomorrow, let’s make it about rebuilding, not about getting back to normal. Let’s be better.

I hope that many of you took the time to watch Griffin Matthew‘s Instagram Video about racism on Broadway.  His brave, and at the time singular voice, has been joined by others. Every workplace, has to change — and the Great White Way is on notice.

This is the Tony Awards Sunday (cancelled). Griffin inspired producer Michael Roderick to reflect on how The Scottsboro Boys was nominated for 12 Tony Awards the year that The Book of Mormon swept the board on Broadway. Read Michael’s story here.

Going to the movies could become a completely different experience. Big apple…

And the latest must-have for some New Yorkers is… Botox. Pump up…

Hugs – why we miss them, and how to achieve one right now. Ahhhhh…

So, here’s a first – a virtual NYC Irish Dance Festival! Irish Arts Center will be streaming dance performances, workshops, and music sets throughout the afternoon. 5,6,7,8…

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