Hell’s Kitchen photographer Tom Zuback set off with a goal of encouraging men to wear masks. When masks became a solution to flattening the curve and protecting us from the pandemic, he took out his camera and started shooting around the west side.

“I set myself this photo assignment to show the gamut of New York men, always willing to wear a mask. We know that it’s critical, urgent, respectful, and the main thing we can do to slow the spread,” he told us. “Obviously, Nobody has the right to just infect other people. And If the toughest men of the country are smart enough and willing to wear their masks, then the rest of the country can see our results, and do the logical step in wearing their masks too. This seems to be a no-brainer. If people know someone outside the NY/NJ area, spread the news. If all NYers are wearing their masks, then everyone can and should be wearing a damn mask!”

Please share this story and encourage everyone around us in Hell’s Kitchen and the country to #WEARAMASK

Tom Zuback has lived in Hell’s Kitchen since 1996. He is an event photographer and photojournalist specializing in still photography for the film/tv industry. Tom’s images have been featured in such publications as The Daily News, People magazine, USA Today, The Village Voice, The New York Post, NY magazine, Variety, and numerous others.


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