Today’s W42ST Daily presented by The Shops at Columbus Circle — 10/13/2020

I sat at my desk yesterday afternoon and read a story about Grand Central’s Oyster Bar closing again. It shuttered in March and reopened just 12 days ago when New York allowed indoor dining. They had lines outside the first day, but then… crickets!  

I’d not been aware that they had even come back. It’s one of my favorite New York places as a visitor (in the past) and to meet friends before they commuted back home on the Metro-North line.  

I left my desk to take a trip to Grand Central to see what was happening. The whole of the Dining Concourse is decimated. There were just three vendors serving food in what was one of the busiest transport hubs in the world. Read our story here with pictures.

Thanks, Richie (or as he likes to be known “Rich(ie) | Anarchist District Resident“) for this tweet. Anyone who describes himself as Musician 🥁 Bartender New Yorker Democratic Socialist Trekkie 🖖 UCF Alum ⚔️Miami Sports Fan is worth a follow.

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All theater lovers should read the exit interview of New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley this morning.  He was not without his critics “the attacks almost always came from white men: James Franco (“Of Mice and Men” — he called me a “little bitch”), Alec Baldwin (“Orphans” — he said I was “not a good writer”), Josh Brolin (“True West” — he just said he hated me in highly charged language though we later made up by email).” With over 2,500 productions reviewed during his 27-year tenure at the paper, he has a loving (and critical) perspective of the theater.

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