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Don’t make a reservation in New Jersey for dinner! New York has decided to increase indoor dining from next Friday to 35% capacity.

Governor Cuomo making the announcement about indoor dining today.

Governor Cuomo made the announcement today saying that he wants to raise the limit to 35% to align with the rules for New Jersey eateries.

“What’s happening now is people in New York City are going to New Jersey to those restaurants, so it’s not really accomplishing a purpose,” Cuomo said. “So New York City restaurants will go to 35% capacity next Friday. That will be consistent with New Jersey.”

New York City’s five boroughs will still remain below the capacity of 50% everywhere else in New York State and bordering Connecticut.

The governor insisted that “we’re responding to the data’, but stressed that he realized this was an issue when the capacity limit is 50% in nearby areas like Long Island. He said: “Obviously, we’re more sensitive to New York City, because of the density and the concentration and the history.”

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