Law enforcement officers raided Gotham Mini Storage at 10th Avenue and W39th Street over the weekend. First reported by NBC, the task force, which included federal agents alongside NYPD officers, confiscated millions of dollars of counterfeit goods.

Gotham Mini Storage
The windows at Gotham Mini Storage were covered with cardboard boxes this evening as law enforcement continued their investigations. Photo: Catie Savage

This afternoon (Monday), the Hell’s Kitchen storage facility was still closed to customers and the windows were covered inside with cardboard boxes.  A worker at the building told W42ST on the phone that he was not allowed to discuss the matter as “the investigation is still ongoing”. 

At the moment, the worker told us: “Access has been revoked. We can give access in an emergency on a case-by-case basis if law enforcement approves. Otherwise, the building is closed off.”

Gotham Mini Storage
Gotham Mini Storage at 10th Avenue and W39th Street this evening. Photo: Catie Savage

Gotham Mini Storage is a state-of-the-art, multi-story self-storage facility that opened its doors in 2013. The facility was converted from an existing industrial building built in the 1920s as a parking garage. It has 2,000 individual storage units across 140,000 square feet. 

The bust started at the storage facility in Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday. NBC’s sources said that It was believed the total value of goods seized was in the millions of dollars. It was unclear if any arrests were made in connection with the bust.

Gotham Mini Storage
Gotham Mini Storage is a temperature-controlled facility and even offers units with city views. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Multiple trucks have been used to haul out all of the illegal and fake goods — and that process was ongoing this evening. NYPD had no additional information on the raid. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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