Joining the smorgasbord of culinary delights tucked away on 11th Avenue, newcomers Gorin Ramen and burger joint Smashed NYC are set to add additional variety to the Gotham West Market

Gorin Ramen Gotham West Market
Gorin Ramen opened this week at Gotham West Market. Photo: Phil O’Brien

“It’s very exciting to see new vendors in the market. We hope our neighbors come and check out these new businesses and revisit Gotham West Market and all we have to offer Hell’s Kitchen,” said Mike Bergmann of Corner Slice of the new vendors.

First up is the recently opened Gorin Ramen, taking the place of the now-shuttered Ivan Ramen in Gotham West. The traditional Japanese, known for specializing in Kitakata-style ramen with a rich, umami-filled broth and thicker-cut noodles, is named after the word for “Olympics” in Japanese, and launched their first location in the East Village in 2020, the year that the Tokyo games were originally slated to occur. “‘Gorin’ also means five rings in Japanese,” the team stated on their website. “The five rings represent earth, water, fire, wind, and sky. They symbolize the rich nature of the Fukushima prefecture and the elemental rings are incorporated into our bowls of ramen.” 

“As we looked to expand Gorin Ramen to our second location, Gotham West Market was a no-brainer. Its curated dining options provide guests with an authentic New York experience, as the melting pot of cultures and cuisines. We were also attracted to Gotham West Market because of their ongoing initiatives with community outreach and their commitment to the local neighborhood. We look forward to bringing our Japanese experience and dishes to Midtown Manhattan at Gotham West Market,” said Mori Yosuke, Manager of Gorin Ramen Gotham West Market. 

Gorin Ramen
Gorin Ramen has brought its popular Japanese recipes to Gotham West Market. Photo: Gorin Ramen Instagram

Customers can expect to enjoy signature dishes like the Gorin Sea Salt Classic (Dashi and chicken broth topped with aburi pork chashu, red onion, radish sprout, hosaki-bamboo shoot and truffle paste in a clear, light soup with wheat-flavored noodles) and the spicy Karaka Ramen (Dashi and chicken broth, wavy thin noodle topped with homemade spicy oil chicken karaage, pork chashu, scallion, hosaki-bamboo shoot soy sauce-based soup, homemade spicy garlic oil and fried chicken), all developed by world-renown ramen brand Menya Masamune.

“Menya Masamune started out as a popular ramen restaurant in Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. After gaining popularity, Menya Masamune has expanded their stores overseas (Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.) and has spread Japanese ramen culture to the world. The restaurant has won several world ramen competitions including the ones in New York City and Singapore, and has proven over and over again its ability to create the best ramen recipes and presentation to the local customers while keeping its authenticity,” stated the Gorin team. 

“Gorin Ramen has become a staple within the East Village authentic food scene and we are thrilled to welcome them to our current roster of exciting vendors at Gotham West Market,” said Phil Lavoie, COO of Gotham Organization. “Gotham West Market stayed open throughout the pandemic, providing many jobs, serving our neighbors and donating meals to local foundations. As we continue these efforts, we now welcome tourists and guests returning to New York City post-COVID. Between the market’s resiliency and our great vendors, Gotham West Market has become a prime destination for the New York experience and cuisine.” 

Moving into the corner space at Gotham West (where West Village burger joint Corner Bistro lived out its extremely short second location tenure) is Smashed NYC, a successful burger brand already open on the Lower East Side, Smorgasburg pop-ups and Downtown Brooklyn’s own Gotham Market. The eatery, which has not yet opened in Gotham West, features both classic beef smash-burgers, Impossible burgers and an inflation-friendly daily special of a smash burger (meat or vegan), fries and a soda for $13 total — a veritable steal in the Midtown burger scene where a single patty alone will often total north of $20. 

Smashed Signature Burger
Smashed’s signature burger his heading to Gotham West Market soon. Photo: Smashed Instagram

“We are thrilled to be opening a location in the neighborhood and join the long list of wonderful vendors that have operated in the Gotham West Market,” wrote founder Mark Anthony in a letter to Manhattan’s Community Board 4. “We look forward to serving the community with our selection of fresh beef smash burgers (including vegan options), fries and shakes. We are a family-friendly establishment with after-school specials. We also offer catering for parties and office functions,” he added. 

Gotham West opened to much fanfare in 2013 and has featured a rotating cast of vendors over the course of its nearly decade-long residency — many of which have since closed (El Colmado, Seamore’s, Blue Bottle Coffee, Court Street Grocers, Cannibal, Ample Hills, Choza Taqueria and Genuine Roadside among them), owing to the slings and arrows of the hospitality industry, COVID-19 and a far west location often beyond the reach of tourist foot traffic. Current tenants on 11th Avenue between W44/45th Street include Sushi on Jones x Don Wagyu, Italian chef’s counter Dell’anima, La Palapa taqueria, Blue Marble Ice cream (opened this summer), and pillowy Sicilian-style pizza from Corner Slice. 

Gotham West Market
Gotham West Market opened in 2013 and has seen a wide range of vendors. Photo: Phil O’Brien

Here’s hoping that Gorin Ramen and Smashed NYC hang on long enough for West Siders to enjoy them!

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  1. Thanks SB. Me just a few blocks directly north but for some reason I always gear toward 10th over 11th all these years. Guess memories of ’80s ]90s tough area along there stuck with me. Plus knowing all the changes in places makes suspect.
    But that thick ramen photo got me. Smash burger not so much, but the lunch deal is excuse to cruise. Blue Marble ice cream worth a try I guess.
    Perhaps with the new buildings along 11th in 40s the Target crowd will find a way.

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