Profanity-laden culinary personality, chef, and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen fame will be arriving in Hell’s Kitchen later this year (well, a block over), opening a branch of his popular fish and chips franchise in Times Square.

Gordon Ramsay Times Square Fish and Chips
Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay is brining his Fish and Chips to Times Square later this year.

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, the aptly-named Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips opening at 1500 Broadway (near W44th Street and 7th Ave) is Ramsay’s third location for the franchise, which also boasts outposts in the equally tourist-friendly cities of Orlando and Las Vegas. The space takes over the previous 16,000 sq ft home of Sephora (which moved up Broadway in 2019).

Ramsay said of his latest venture: “Fish & Chips is a really important dish to me, not only is it quintessentially British but it was part of my upbringing. I’ve found a way to elevate that classic dish, dress it up and really modernize the experience. I’ve had 3 stars in Chelsea for over 2 decades, 2 stars in France, restaurants around the globe – but my mum is most proud of the chippy.”

His latest eatery aims to elevate the ever-popular UK cod dish with shrimp, chicken, and lobster options as well as his own signature cocktail, aioli, curry & mango, and tartar sauces for dipping. In another slightly-Americanized nod to the Brits, Biscoff and Sticky Toffee shakes are available to-go. 

Ramsay — who has been awarded 16 Michelin stars since the opening of his first solo restaurant in 1998 — currently owns a wide portfolio of eateries worldwide, ranging from steakhouse to classic French to pub-style tavern. Trained under French chef Jean-Claude Breton, he first gained notoriety in 1999 after appearing on British kitchen documentary Boiling Point, which led to a series of Ramsay-headlined television programs — including the infamous Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay’s proclivity to frequently berate contestants in a creative variety of horrifying insults has earned him equal parts infamy and recognition, though he’s since displayed a softer side on MasterChef Junior, in which he guides preternaturally talented children through a rigorous cooking competition. 

Concept Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips stores
Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips stores all have a red, white and blue British Union Jack flag them mixed with classic red phone boxes.

Ramsay was optimistic about the brand’s success in New York, saying in an uncharacteristically profanity-free statement to AMNY: “I love the vibrance, the energy of Times Square and the convergence of locals and visitors from around the world. There’s just no place like it!” 

Added Norman Abdallah, CEO of Gordon Ramsay North America: “We are eager to expand Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips to New York City and Times Square. The restaurant holds strong ties to Chef Ramsay’s childhood and initial love for cooking, and we can’t wait to share that with New York.” 

Grab a pint and pass the $%*&* vinegar! 

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  1. Wow. This will be great if they are proper chips ! ( Husband will be happy about the fish too lol )

  2. The chips look very British! .. I grew up with them!! They’re supposed to be soggier and not pointed as french fries are! Good on ‘im … He knows what he’s doing… if you’ve ever visited his restaurant near Sloane Square in London! .. A bit posher of course!

  3. Of course, if you want real British fish n chips, try A Salt & Battery at 112 Greenwich Ave. You can have a Guinness along with your fish & chips there!

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