W42ST Daily 5/25/2020

The New York Times had a Joy supplement at the weekend. And CBS has just bought John Krasinski’s fabulously home-made You Tube series Some Good News. I think we can all agree, then, that the world has had enough of all the negativity. Happiness is trending.

If I could have invented the perfect day, it would have looked a lot like yesterday. The weather: a balmy 65ish. Five friends. The destination: a quiet stretch of the Appalachian trail. Nine miles of glorious, outrageous nature, obscene in its lush beauty – a lake, a forest, a view – the green so vibrant and strange it almost hurt my eyes. A picnic at 1,300 feet, overlooking the Hudson Valley. 2,000 calories burned. 

Later, sitting in a park by the Hudson, watching the sun twinkle on the water, we laughed, and played, and complained about aching muscles, eating burgers washed down with cans of gin and tonic. 

And then, driving back, the grand finale: a gasp as we turned a corner and were greeted by the sight of the city against a tangerine-streaked sky. She was the most beautiful thing. Home. Hope. We’re going to be OK.

Seeing all your stylish, witty, creative maskies has been bringing a smile to my face all weekend. The good news: there’s still time to enter. Post a selfie wearing a mask on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #W42ST, and our esteemed panel of fashionistas and drag queens will judge the winner. 

There’s a quarantine goodie bag up for grabs, including a Paige Turner T-shirt, a Maison 10 face mask, a mask of your choice by Suzanne Vinnik (a soprano extraordinaire and designer of the most stunning clothing), plus more to be revealed.

After a bit of a false start – I mean, really, why bother wearing pants on a Zoom date? – Mary Geneva is getting the hang of this virtual dating lark. Read the isolation diary from New York’s most hopeful romantic.

Go to a pyjama party
Jim Caruso’s Pyjama Cast Party is rapidly becoming one of the most fun things to do in your bed on a Monday night. Tonight’s open mic night includes performances by none other than the Broadway legend that is Betty Buckley. Tune in here.

Stream a Tony-winning musical
A special Memorial Day streaming of Bandstand, with a free discussion at 7.30pm, featuring the writing team, the choreographer, and costume designer, followed by the musical, in full (that’ll set you back $6.99). See it here.

We must find little pockets of joy wherever we can. So thanks to Nancy Shankman for this adorable photograph of her granddaughter, waving to her up on the 39th floor from the street below. We can’t all be together, but we can still show we care.

What’s your name, and what’s been bringing you joy this weekend?