Frankie’s Pub, a vibrant LGBTQIA+ bar located on 10th Avenue, closed its doors last night, just months after its grand opening in June.

Frankie's Pub Closing
Frankie Sharp saying farewell to his customers at Frankie’s Pub last night. Photo: Cid Roberts

Owner Frankie Sharp announced on Instagram last night that “It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce we will be closing the 10th Avenue location of Frankie’s Pub. “

Frankie’s Pub was opened less than six months ago by nightlife veteran Sharp, who transformed the space formerly known as Thirst into a lively and eclectic hub. With a décor that felt like a queer Cheers, it boasted a mix of personal collectibles, independent artist creations and a welcoming vibe that resonated with the diversity of Hell’s Kitchen.

Sharp cited “ongoing difficulties with the liquor license and the restrictions put on us by the State Liquor Authority” that had made it “difficult and at times impossible for the bar to flourish.” Sharp had hoped to amend the license for the bar to allow for live music, dancing, outdoor seating or even drag performances, but that had not been possible.

“I did not come to this decision quickly or easily… but I am extremely proud of what we’ve built at this first Frankie’s Pub,” Sharp said.

Frankie's Pub Closing
The last night at Frankie’s Pub. Photo: Cid Roberts

When Thirst was considering closure, Sharp, along with the previous owners, reimagined the space to save jobs and create a unique spot in the neighborhood. The staff that launched the new concept were a blend of Thirst veterans and new faces. “It really became a home, and us… a family,” Sharp said. “I look forward to finding new homes in the meantime for all of the artists we have hosted and all of my employees here.

“Watch this space for upcoming announcements… you know me, I never stop,” added Sharp, indicating that he will seek a fresh start in a new location, potentially in Downtown or Brooklyn.

Hell’s Kitchen’s queer community jumped in to support Sharp on taking the difficult decision. Drag performer Jackie Cox said: “sending you love baby ❤️❤️” and choreographer Charlie Williams said: “Proud of you. Thank you for everything. My favorite spot ever. 💔💔💔”

Frankie's Pub Closing
The last night at Frankie’s Pub. Photo: Cid Roberts

“So tonight, Come tilt a pint and sing a song with me, Jarvis, Yaz and the whole Frankie’s Pub family one last time,” Sharp said. Cheers…

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  1. How can live music, dancing, outdoor seating, or drag performances be treated as crimes? These are all positive values that harm no one that Mr. Sharp was forcibly prohibited from providing to the Hell’s Kitchen community. And for that matter, how is it that entrepreneurs such as Mr. Sharp should be driven out of business for the privilege of being able to sell alcohol in a bar? Why should he even need a bureaucrat’s permission to sell alcohol to legal adults? Prohibiting peaceful economic activities is not a proper function of the government.

  2. Please reveal all. Getting a license is a process and commitments are made, in writing. It’s called “method of operation.” The community board will recommend some and the SLA will impose others. The bar is on a residential block and there really shouldn’t be a nightclub there. The litany of excuses he cited, those are really not SLA issues in most cases.

  3. The loss of Frankie’s Pub is a real loss for Hell’s Kitchen. Frankie is a great local figure who created a truly unique and welcoming space that people from all walks of life could enjoy. We need more spaces like Frankie’s to bring the community together and to give everyone a chance to relax and have a good time. I wish Frankie the best with finding a new location and hope to be able to enjoy his hospitality in the future.

  4. The NIMBY comments above are really disheartening. This is Manhattan. Tenth Avenue is a thoroughfare not some quiet suburb. Good grief.

  5. Having lived on W37th & 8th, then Manhattan Plaza, and finally W39th (aka #CrackAlley!) & 10th from the 1970s to the 1990s and survived the arsonist landlords, and the Blind Mullahs’ bodyguards as downstairs and basement residents with propane tanks overlooking the Lincoln Tunnel and Port Authority exits and entrances, as well as a corrupt NYC Housing Court (Judge Scott (Arrested), but still getting evicted; I left the neighborhood in 1998. There was little organizing done in “#Clinton” since Giuliani and NYPD Manhattan South & North precincts Operation Condor were concentrating on gentrification and Times Square Disneyfication and driving out the local population by any means possible!!

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