W42ST Daily 6/15/2020

I’m the world’s worst cooking buddy. Matt is so patient with me, planning our recipes, texting over the shopping list ahead of time, conscious of my reluctant cook status, and leading me by the hand cautiously, like a trainer might treat a skittish horse. 

Matt is a cook whisperer.

This is the story of how we made chocolate chip cookies without two essential ingredients … because I was too unorganized to go to the grocery store. And how they were still delicious enough to challenge the Schmackary’s crown.

Below: actual footage of Matt waiting for me to get my shit together.

Brisa Trinchero loves Broadway. Every night, pre-COVID, the two-time Tony-winning producer would be out seeing a show, or a musician, or an artist. And she was missing it so much that she started an incredible thing. Every day, she chose an artist to give $100 to. The movement spread, and #GratitudeandTonic went global. Now each day up to $600 is donated to a single artist, to help them survive. Read her story – and find out who has benefitted.

Starting tonight, and every night until June 21, a Broadway artist will perform an original piece of work that reflects on their feelings right now, about their community, or Broadway and the Theater District. Watch the first one here.

Black women of Broadway will take over the Instagram accounts of some of the industry’s most notable white female stars today. Takeovers include Tanya Birl and Laura BenantiAsmeret Ghebremichael and Sutton Foster; and Vasthy Mompoint and Caissie Levy. Follow the hashtags  #KeepSharingTheMic and #ShareTheMicNow for more.  

There will be a virtual high school theater festival tonight, celebrating the energy and creativity of students from NY public schools, and featuring guest presenters including George Salazar and James Harkness. Find out more here.

Every Monday at 8pm, on the Instagram account @privtoprog, there will be a live, unscripted Q&A to address all the embarrassing questions about white privilege, racism, burnout, and more. Tune in here. 

The Time Is Now: Race and Resolution is a conversation that addresses the ways systemic racism, implicit bias, and economic inequality are afflicting our nation … and presents possible pathways to lasting change. Watch it here.

Michael Urie stars in a free livestream benefit reading of Red Bull Theater’s The Government Inspector. I saw this back in 2017 and it was a hoot. Tune in here.

The last few months have been hard on all of us – financially, emotionally, physically. One thing we’ve come to truly value is the importance of community – “our” people. Thank you for all your messages of love, support, and laughter – you’ve been a lifeline.

Some of you have asked if you can help financially. And, while it’s hard to ask when so many are struggling, if you are in a position to support us, any contribution, no matter how small, will help ensure the survival of W42ST.