When is the curfew in effect?
There is a curfew in effect from 8pm until 5am each day, beginning at 8pm on June 2 and ending at 5am on June 8.

I am an essential worker – can I travel to my job?
Yes, workers who are performing essential work are permitted to travel to/from work and to be in public while performing their job duties. Essential work is defined as work permitted under ESDC guidance.

I am a health care worker – can I go to work?
Yes. Health care workers are essential under ESDC guidance.

I work for the City – can I go to work during the curfew?


I am a faith leader – am I essential?


I am a member of the press – can I be in public during the curfew?

Yes, if you are performing your job. News media are essential under
ESDC guidance.

Can restaurants and bars serving food make deliveries during the curfew?
Yes. Food deliveries are essential under the ESDC guidance.

Can my 24-hour grocery store stay open and receive deliveries during the curfew?
Yes. Essential businesses may remain open. The curfew only bars people who are not performing essential work from being in public from 8pm to 5am.

I am an essential business – do I have to open/remain open during the curfew?

Will public transportation be available during the curfew?
Yes. Buses and yellow and green taxis will be operating normally all night, and the subway is operating until 1am and again after 5am, in accordance with its COVID-19 emergency schedule.

Will For Hire Vehicles (FHV) be available during the curfew?
During the curfew FHVs, including rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, are not operating between 8pm and 12:30am. FHVs may resume service beginning at 12.30am to assist essential workers coming from and going to work or individuals seeking medical treatment/supplies in the overnight hours.

What about Citibike and Revel?
These services are suspended during curfew hours.

I heard there are roadblocks – can I travel?
Yes. NYPD will let anyone traveling for an exempted reason, including essential workers going to/from work or someone seeking medical treatment, proceed through any roadblocks. You may drive your own car. You may be required to state your reason for travel.

I am an essential worker – can I stop by the deli/grocery/etc to pick up food during my meal break?
Yes. If you are an essential worker and your meal break falls at some point between 8pm and 5am, you can pick up food from an essential business that sells food such as a restaurant or grocery store.

I am an essential worker who just got off work – can I travel to anywhere other than my home?
During the hours of 8pm and 5am, you are only permitted to travel from your home to your place of work and back home. However, if necessary, you may also stop to obtain medical supplies/prescriptions and food.

I am an essential worker going to/from work – what sort of ID must I show if I am stopped?
There are no specific requirements for ID. If you are stopped, you only need to identify yourself as an essential worker. If you have them, you could also show a work ID, a business card, any other official documents, or even a work uniform, but these are not required.

I work in a non-essential industry/business – can I travel to/from my workplace? Can I perform my work in public?

Does the curfew apply to homeless individuals?
No. The curfew does not apply to unsheltered homeless individuals.

I need medical attention during the curfew – may I leave to seek treatment?
Yes. You can and should seek medical treatment or supplies during the curfew.

I need emergency medical treatment during the curfew – what should I do?

Call 911. EMTs and first responders will continue to operate as usual.

Can I take my dog outside to use the bathroom?
Yes, but only in the immediate vicinity of your residence. Dogs should be exercised outside of curfew hours.

What happens if I violate this curfew?
We fully expect that all New Yorkers will cooperate in the interest of public safety. For the very few individuals that refuse to cooperate and do not fall within the exempted categories, they will be given every opportunity to return home. Only if an individual continuously refuses to do so will additional enforcement action be considered, including but not limited to fines.

As updated by the Mayor’s office 6/3/20 at 12pm

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