W42ST Daily 8/2/2020

As of this morning, we are 99 away from having 10,000 Instagram followers (tell your friends!). I’ve been trying to work out how to create Instagram Stories – at the moment, when anyone mentions @W42ST in a story, it comes into our inbox and we like and often repost. Occasionally, when I am feeling brave, I will take the time to create a little video with some text. My confidence to try this comes from finding a tutorial by D’Ana Joi from a few years ago. 

I followed Joi, and her new business as a multi-passionate creative (with a healthy passion to change the world). Yesterday she shared with me the idea that “Ethics are the New Sexy” and that we should add a Code of Ethics to the W42ST site. Here is what Joi has created for her own site. We will create our own. It’s a great idea.

That brought me back to thinking of one of my favorite places in Hell’s Kitchen, Betti Bar. Beth and Josh, the owners, are always ahead of the game (did you see the band on Restaurant Row on Friday evening!?)  Here’s their Code of Ethics etched above the bar pre-COVID (and added to their menu for their new outside dining.)

We reserve the right to refuse service to:
1. Bigots
2. Racists
3. Whiners
Please act like a respectful person
(nobody has time for trifling in any phase!)

Pandemic FaceTime was not enough for Ryan and his best friend, Spotacus. Ryan drove 3,000 miles to get his dog back home to New York. Read about their journey across America.

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The subway map could be getting a whole new look. Thoughts?

The Rockefeller Center ice rink has been transformed into an outdoor restaurant. Thin ice…

Thanks to those who have written to us with words of appreciation, bought us coffees (and cocktails…), and offered their services to support the work of W42ST. We see you and love you. Many have also contributed financially, helping to keep the neighborhood connected and updated at a time when we’ve lost all other revenue. Our gratitude is boundless. If you can help, any amount, no matter how small, makes a massive difference.