In a shocking early morning blaze, a Lincoln Town Car burst into flames on 9th Avenue.

9 Avenue Fire
A passerby on 9th Avenue as a Lincoln town car is engulfed in flames. Photo: Cid Roberts

The FDNY told W42ST in a statement: “On Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 03:52 hours, units were dispatched to a report of a passenger vehicle fire” at 530 9th Avenue between W39th and W40th Streets.”

Firefighters arrived on the scene at 3:55am and were able to put out the fire by 4:26am. The FDNY stated that the fire was under investigation and the cause of the blaze was as yet undetermined.

9 Avenue Fire
Firefighters examine the extinguished blaze on Wednesday. Photo: Cid Roberts

Photographer Cid Roberts was on 9th Avenue when he spotted the fire. He said: “On my way home this morning, a smoking car pulled over to the bike lane. I stopped and the man jumped out of the car visibly shaken, looked around as though to ask for help, when suddenly the car gave out a loud pop and was instantly engulfed in flames.”

Roberts believes the driver fled the burning car onto a side street as he and “the other people on the street (bar and smoke shop patrons) fell to the ground, as though in a bomb drill. “I immediately reached for my camera and captured the images,” he added.

W42ST reached out to the NYPD and FDNY for further details. This is a developing story and we will update as we hear more.

9 Avenue Car Fire
Firefighters put out the blaze from a Lincoln town car early Wednesday morning. Photo: Cid Roberts

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