We appealed last week for Hell’s Kitchen council member Corey Johnson to get back to work in our neighborhood. On Saturday afternoon, he did not appear at Manhattan Plaza for a scheduled event supporting his run for City Comptroller. Instead, Corey sent a member of his team and a larger-than-life printed facsimile of himself.

We’ve taken this as a sign that our “Where’s Corey?” campaign needs to return to our print roots too! Our fabulous magazine designer, Lee, has returned with a set of posters that you can download, display and distribute. Do you have ideas on how we can entice Corey back to Hell’s Kitchen? What are the actions you would like him to be taking? Email wherescorey@w42st.com.

Please use the hashtag #wherescorey and #w42st on social media with your pictures.

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  1. This is funny, but ultimately an ineffectual waste of effort

    Mr. Johnson was on notice from the article posted 5 days ago, that he had a perception problem with his core constituents. His response was to duck another commitment to speak to those very individuals on Saturday, with a bogus ‘health risks’ excuse. (Incidentally, what kind of leader sends a subordinate to incur ‘health risks’ in his place?)

    New York has a execrable tradition of politicians failing up, and it appears Mr. Johnson is now attempting to continue that in his run for comptroller. He’s burned through his prior goodwill with his nearly year-long absence from responsibilities.

    Time to petition for removal.

  2. Let’s see if he shows up to his next scheduled “meet-up” at Hell’s Kitchen Park on Saturday. (https://www.mobilize.us/coreyfornyc/event/391628/)

    Given that the park is a block away from the Skyline Hotel, I’m sure Corey will have a convenient excuse ready.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that this appeal is ineffectual. It most likely won’t move Corey but it resonates with the community highlighting the absence of an elected official and abandonment of his constituents. Hopefully, this marks a change in our local representation. Leslie Boghosian-Murphy was at Sullivan Street Bakery on Saturday. #wherescorey

    1. Of course Corey will be in HK next week. Showing up on a holiday weekend when most people will be out of town is his version of Profiles in Courage.

    2. The event is actually this coming Sunday at Hell’s Kitchen Park a couple of block south of the Skyline. Will he show up?

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